8 grandma’s suggestions for cooling the home WITHOUT air-con


During the summer, we are never safe from a big heat wave. And when the thermometer rises inexorably, the moments spent in your little cocoon can become particularly unpleasant. However, whether you live in a small apartment or a large household without air conditioning, it is quite possible to cope with the heat wave by using a few traditional tips that allow you to cool the house to withstand the high heat a little better. Thanks to these techniques within everyone’s reach, you will be happy not to have ruined yourself by buying an air conditioner!

1) Sleep with ice-cold hot water bottles

winter cold hot water bottle
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You thought the hot water bottles confined to the winter season? However, it is quite possible to freeze a hot water bottle or water bottle that you will wrap in a towel before slipping everything into your bed to refresh it and help you sleep despite the heat. Just remember not to overfill the container and to close it well to avoid leaks at night. Just as effective and practical, you can also put your sheets (mattress cover, pillowcase, etc.) and/or your pillow in the freezer at night so that they are fresh when you go to bed.

2) Cool the house with a wet sheet

curtains window cleaning
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This old trick was used when air conditioning did not exist. It simply consists of wetting the curtains or put a damp sheet or towel at the window to bring freshness into the house. When a draft passes, the combination of humidity and wind will give your living room or bedroom a big boost. You can also put wet towels on the doorstep and window sill to cool the incoming air.

3) Wet the tiles for an immediate cool effect

mopping the floor
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Mop the rooms you want to freshen up: living room, bedroom, etc. The humidity willabsorb some heat by evaporation effect. The little extra of this trick is that it also works on the terrace or the balcony. So, to your garden hoses for a cooler garden furniture too! Finally, remember to dry clothes indoors if possible.

4) Bet on plants to refresh the house

plants living room living room
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Evapotranspiration (i.e. the natural transpiration of plants). releases water vapor. Some plants can also participate in the filtration of the Sun’s rays or the purification of the air. It’s up to you to arrange them well and choose them well. A plant wall indoors or outdoors can work wonders. Aloe vera, palm trees, pothos, sansevieria or even ficus elastica are among the most useful plants in an interior, but there are many of them, so the choice is yours.

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