8 errors you make when shaving


Although hot waxing lasts longer, many people resort to shaving to show off unsightly hair-free bikini areas, armpits or legs. It is indeed the fastest method, and therefore the most practical to obtain smooth skin. However, even with such a simple gesture, you can make big mistakes! Discover these very common bad habits to stop shaving.

Mistake #1: Shaving in the morning

Hair removal being less durable with the razor, we tend to resort to it at the last moment. Thus, it is not uncommon for hair hunting to be done in the morning, before getting dressed and heading to work. However, the legs have tendency to swell slightly during the night, which will prevent you from achieving close shaves. You will therefore have itchy skin very quickly afterwards! Better to let your legs deflate for at least an hour after waking up before arming yourself with your razor. As for fans of night shaving, they know it well: the skin has time to recover at night after suffering irritation and micro-cuts. On the other hand, there is no contraindication to shaving at night.

Mistake #2: Shaving without taking a shower

Hot water has a major advantage: it softens the skin, which will help you shave without cutting yourself and without irritation. The skin is then well released, relaxed and in addition very clean, ready for the passage of the razor!

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Mistake #3: Indulging in dry shaving

Dry shaving (i.e. on dry skin without product) will lead to the appearance of painful micro-cuts and irritations which can be felt for several days on sensitive skin. Even if you are in a hurry, it is therefore better to banish the passage of the razor dry or just with water.

Mistake #4: Not using the right products

Contrary to what one might think, shaving cream or shaving foam are not useless gadgets, present only to push you to the expense. The proof: you will never see a man shave without first applying a specialized product. These products are specifically designed to allow the razor to glide more easily on the skin while moisturizing and softening it. Conversely, the shower gel or soap are not suitable at all, because they have the action of coating the dirt to eliminate them. Even if they are nourishing, they will not have the same gliding and softening power to optimize the cut of the hair. Everyone has their role!

Grandma’s Tip: If you’re on a budget, swap out expensive shaving foam or cream for conditioner. It’s cheaper and just as effective for the legs and armpits (not recommended on the jersey though!).

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