8 indicators a lady hasn’t had intercourse for too lengthy


When it comes to sex, many people think only of the aspect of pleasure and passion. However, sexuality is an important part of our life since on the one hand it is connected to our feelings and emotions and on the other, it has a rather direct relationship with our health and well-being. Know also that men are not the only ones to suffer from a long period of abstinence, the body and the spirit of a woman also undergo the consequences as relayed by our colleagues of Demotivator.

  1. You gain weight more easily

Having a regular sexual activity can be an interesting element in the fight against weight gain, since having sex often is able to make you burn up to 500-600 per week. Therefore, being sexually inactive for a fairly long period of time causes you to exercise less, which means that you are more likely to gain weight.

  1. You have trouble getting to sleep

One of the benefits for which sex is known is to lower stress levels quite visibly and as stress is one of the main causes behind sleep disorders such as insomnia, stress. reduction means that you will only have more chances to spend peaceful nights in the arms of Morpheus!

  1. Your memory weakens

Sex is good for the memory. This is the result of a study which followed 78 women under the age of 30 and relayed by our colleagues at Cosmopolitan. Canadian researchers have found that women who have sex the most, especially those who reach orgasm, have better memory than others. This is due to the effect of dopamine which is released in the brain during sex and which allows new cells to develop, thereby improving memory. So it makes perfect sense that abstinence from sex has the opposite effect.

  1. You may take more drugs

Some people who explain their lack of sex to a low libido turn to drugs of all kinds, believing that they solve the problem that way. While there are several drugs such as antihypertensives, diuretics, and some antidepressants that can have a strong negative impact on your libido, and therefore on your sex life as a whole.

  1. Your body is more fragile in the face of disease

Although it may seem incredible, abstinence from sex can increase the likelihood of getting sick quite a bit. According to a study conducted by the American University of Wilkes-Barre, having sex at least three times a week is able to raise the level of immunoglobulin so that the immune system can strengthen enough to deal with more than one disease and viral threat.

  1. Your sociability plummets

Going out with girlfriends can seem like the perfect solution for a woman to get around her neglect of her own sex life. reverse effect which occurs since your lack of sex will make you even less want to be in contact with other people.

  1. Your aging is accelerating

This point is simply explained by the fact that if you do not relieve stress through sex, you are much more likely to suffer from it in your daily life. And as you probably know, stress is one of the main causes of premature aging.

  1. You don’t really trust yourself anymore

Going through a long period of sexual drought will usually lead you to wonder about your tendency to please the opposite sex or be able to be happy in your romantic life. So it has a huge impact on your self-esteem and can really lower your morale.

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