8 Indicators That Present A Loving Friendship


Friendship, Love, two expressions that are sometimes almost difficult to discern. Indeed, when two beings begin a relationship of friendship, it can last for years, sometimes even a lifetime. But without them even realizing it, this bond of friendship can become much stronger, more serious and leads to love. Friendship in love therefore begins unexpectedly. However, there are signs that may alert you. Here are 8 signs that never cheat!

1- A great complicity

Complicity is an element that can allow you to know if you are in a romantic friendship. In fact, it is not just any complicity, because even in simple friendship, it is possible to make this observation. The one we are talking about is much stronger. The two beings lead a somewhat more special relationship and can even understand each other with a single gesture, a simple look. It is a connection that does not deceive. There is already love, even if they don’t admit it..

2- A great attraction

Attraction is also a very important thing in a romantic friendship. Indeed, in a relationship of simple friendship, attraction is not as important. In fact, two people can have a good bond with each other, without necessarily being physically attracted to each other. This is not the case in a romantic friendship relationship. It can be seen that the two are attracted to each other and that physically. If such signs appear, then it is no longer a simple friendship, but it already leads to love.

3- The little touches

It’s no longer a secret that attention is a very important thing in love. When two people love each other, they pay attention to each other. But know that this is an observation that is also made in a loving friendship relationship. Well yes, you will notice that one or the other pays great attention to what the other is up to, to their every need. Make no mistake! It is indeed love that emerges.

4- A need to see each other

Have you noticed that two people who love each other very often want to hear from each other? Well, this observation is even more evident in a romantic friendship. Here, it’s not just about having news, but the two want to see each other regularly, a sign of unmistakable romantic feelings.

5- Signs of jealousy

A relationship of simple friendship in which signs of jealousy are observed? Certainly, love is already passing through. This feeling arises when one of the lovebirds seems to spend more time with other people than his « friend ». It’s not just jealousy, but a sign of love.

6- Plans for the future

In a seeming friendship without any underside, it is not obvious that two people tell each other their dream of the future. But, that’s one thing you’ll notice in a friendship, but it already leads in love. In fact, they each want to have the opinion of the other on what he thinks of this or that.

7- Sexual attraction

Has it ever occurred to you that you might have an intimate, specifically sexual, relationship with your friend? It is certainly no coincidence. Indeed, there is a good chance that this friendship is in the process of leading to love.

8- Disturbing looks

Looks are also must-have signs to determine if a friendship is turning into love. The two beings will tend to throw very disturbing glances for one than for the other.

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