8 indicators that present a person in secret love


Love, a feeling that rules the world and brings two people together, sometimes for life. But, it is not so easy to spot, as some are very good at hiding it. It’s a common thing among men, mushrooms when it comes to loving a person in secret. But despite their efforts to conceal their feelings, there are signs that give them away. Here are 8 signs that prove that a man is in love in secret!

1- Compliments

Complimenting someone is not an immediate sign that someone is interested in you. It is above all the proof that he sees you. He has to have enough eye to notice your elegance, your charm or something else. But, you’ll notice that a man who’s secretly in love with you compliments you on a regular basis. He is in love and without him wanting it, his feelings betray him.

2- Jealousy

Although jealousy is not a feeling to develop, it is a proof of love that does not deceive. Indeed, the observation can be made in both sexes, but much more visible in a man. For example, he will tend to hide his face when you talk to other people, especially men.

3- The tendency to impress you

Since the night in time, men have always wanted to attract the attention of women, especially those who interest them. Well, this trend has not gone away in modern times. On the contrary, a man who secretly has feelings for you will do everything to try to attract your attention, to impress you. Without him telling you about it, you will know that he loves you.-

4- Great respect

Gallantry has disappeared according to what some people say. Well not totally, at least not in a man who is in love. The Gentleman will pay close attention to every word he utters. He will not say vulgar words, even less words that could hurt you. He will even abstain from all contact with you, without you allowing him to.

5- He wants to be your friend

Do you know that a lot of friendship stories lead to a romantic relationship? Well yes, this is one of the biggest remarks in recent years. Moreover, many men rely on this strategy to conquer those they love in secret. He will want to be your friend, but not just stop there. It’s just an excuse to be closer to you. This is the start of his strategy.

6- The desire to spend time with you

He always wants to be closer to you? If so, then chances are he’s secretly in love with you. Already, a man in love with you in secret will regularly hear from you. Better, he will invite you or organize events or occasions to spend time just with you. He loves you and there is no doubt about it.

7- He becomes your guardian angel

A constant urge to always protect a woman can only come from a man who is in love. He pays attention to you, your needs and is always there when you are in trouble. He doesn’t hesitate to – stand up for you when you are disrespected.

8- The gaze

Of course, the look is an element that does not deceive when a man loves you in secret. He will tend to give you little glances, most often discreet. He loves you, but he can’t talk to you about it.

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