8 sensible methods to reuse water out of your garments dryer


Although it is very energy-intensive, the dryer is a household appliance that makes our daily lives easier. It speeds up the chore of washing and ironing clothes, while limiting the humidity inherent in drying clothes in the house (although you have shared some tips to make drying indoors easier). However, its benefits do not stop there. Indeed, if it is a condensing model, you can consider recovering the water in the recovery tank so as to use it in everyday life. Find out how to adopt this good ecological and economical habit thanks to our ideas for recycling dryer water.

What to know before reusing dryer water

When the appliance is in operation, the water inside loses its mineral charge through evaporation and turns into demineralised water. This is a godsend, because this type of water costs money in stores. The condensate from the dryer can therefore allow you to make great savings while limiting your waste! Free of limestone, it is also ideal for carrying out all your household chores without scaling all the surfaces of the house, all in participating in the optimization of natural resources used on a daily basis.

In general, it is recommended to don’t drink it. Its consumption does not present any danger unless you only consume this type of water. However, be aware that there may remain small amounts of detergent as well as textile fibers. This is also the reason why it is better always filter it before using it with a coffee filter or gauze, whatever the intended use.

Finally, before using the water from the dryer in a steam appliance (steam cleaner, steam mop, etc.), check the instructions to see if it is equipped with an anti-limescale system to extend its life. If this is the case, you will not need to pour your demineralized water into it and can keep it preciously for other uses!

What to do with the water from the dryer? Here’s how to reuse it intelligently

1) Water from the dryer to do your ironing

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Demineralised water in an iron or a steam generator allows protect the appliance from limescale deposits can obstruct it. In addition to ensuring a longer life for your small appliance, it also helps prevent white marks and brown runs on clothes when ironing. And finally, your laundry is less likely to shine. You can therefore use your demineralized water mixed at 50% with tap water.

2) For watering green plants

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Tumble dryer water is very low in minerals and not necessarily suitable as the only water for irrigation, especially since it may contain detergent residues. However, you can use it from time to time without risk for your green plant by alternating with mineralized water so as not to deplete the substrate. Prefer if possible those that are very sensitive to limestone or that saturate because of the mineral salts present in tap water. Cacti and succulents, for example, are among the plants that appreciate the use of demineralised water. You can also absolutely spray this water on the foliage of your plants to protect them from excessively dry ambient air. They will thus display greener, dustier and more vigorous leaves! Just make sure you let it cool before using it.

3) Water from the dryer to fill the toilet

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Use the water collected in the tray to fill your toilet flush. To do this, simply put it aside in a bucket and pour it into the toilet bowl after a visit to the toilet.

Good to know: You can also recover the water from the shower that is usually wasted at the start of the wash when you wait for it to become hot enough for the same use. You will easily save 5 to 10 liters of water.

4) Clean the house with water from the dryer

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The water in your dryer is ideal for cleaning without leaving traces of limescale after the cleaned surfaces have dried. For example, you can use it to fill your steam mop and clean floors and tiles. In this case, you can use it alone or mix ⅓ dryer water and ⅔ white vinegar. This free elixir (or almost!) is also very effective for cleaning the shower cubicle, mirrors or even windows. Just rub with a soft cloth (microfiber type cloth) and let the product do the rest! Your glass surfaces will be like new.

5) An ingredient of choice for your household products

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Detergent, multi-purpose cleaning product, dishwashing liquid, window cleaner… Many recipes for home cleaning products require the use of water. If you’re looking for ways to recycle the water collected in the dryer, now is a good time to use it!

6) To straighten your hair

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Deionized water is generally best for a straightener that works on steam. Alone or mixed with tap water, it goes like this prevent the accumulation of limestone which could in the long run damage it. This will ensure that you keep it in good working order for longer.

7) Water from the dryer can also be used for grooming your pets

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Do your pets need a bath? If you have collected enough demineralized water according to its size, it can certainly be used for rinse the shampoo and shine his hair. If you use a natural and ecological detergent, for example a homemade recipe without essential oil (very important!), it can also be used to supplement the aquarium water for your fish.

8) And finally, consider using it to wash the car

After washing the car or motorbike, rinsing with distilled or demineralised water finalizes the cleaning and avoid white marks when drying with chamois or microfiber. This trick, however, requires collecting enough product to thoroughly rinse the entire vehicle. It will therefore be necessary to be patient until you have enough if you plan to use it.

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