8 super-simple ideas for making use of your highlighter


The highlighter has become a huge hit in recent years, adding a whole new category of makeup to the face. It makes your face look fresh and dewy.

“Women’s makeup is the art of revealing beauty without masking the natural.”

~ Francky Benoit

Whether you are new to makeup or have been using it for years, the highlighter is probably one of your most used items. Highlighter is indeed a terrific method of modifying your face makeup, whether it’s a subtle, natural glow or a flamboyant look that draws all eyes to you.

The highlighter can be used to make full coverage makeup less one-dimensional, as the skin is not naturally matte. It is an important part of making up the contours of your face because it gives your face bright spots that contrast with the dark spots.

But did you know that there are some interesting and weird ways to use this beauty tool to improve your makeup game? Here are 8 tips for applying your highlighter that will help you go beyond just highlighting your cheekbones.

Where to apply the highlighter on your face?

To apply a highlighter to your face, you have to think about the shape of your face and the features that make it unique. In general, it’s a good idea to put a highlighter on the parts of your face that get the most light. These are mainly places like the cheekbones, the center of the chin, the cupid’s bow, the center of the forehead, the tip of the nose and sometimes even the bridge of the nose.

So you have to experiment by applying the highlighter to different parts of your face until you find the best place to use it on your face. Some highlighters can be really shiny and make it look like you’ve just smeared glitter all over your face, so be careful. In this case, the best thing to do is to choose one that has a very small amount of micro-glitter in it so that it can boost your glow.

In the end, the only question left is how to get the most out of using highlighters to highlight your face. Check out these 8 tips for more information on how to use a highlighter for makeup.

# 1 Combine your highlighter with your foundation:

We understand that matte foundations are long lasting, but sometimes it’s nice to have rosy face makeup that makes your skin appear healthy and luminous.

To give your skin a light boost, combine a liquid highlighter with your foundation and apply it all over your face. A modest amount of highlighter should be enough, but if you want the illusion of glowing skin, you can increase the amount of highlighter you put on your foundation.

Another simple trick for your makeup-free days is to mix the liquid highlighter with your primer to blur pores while adding shine to your skin.

However, if parts of your face look too pink, use a setting powder and apply it evenly, leaving the rest of your face glowing.

# 2 Simulate full lips:

It was in art class that you might have learned that dark colors make things fade in the background, and light colors make them pop out. The same goes for your makeup.

A little bit of highlighter can make your lips look much fuller, without the need for lip liner or surgery.

One of the first things to do is apply lip balm. It will soften your lips and fill any voids.

The next step is to put some highlighter on the Cupid’s bow on your lips. This will make the upper lip look a bit more defined. A bit of highlighter can also be added to the center of your lower lip to make it appear larger.

Alternatively, if you still want to use your lip liner as well as your lipstick, you can add some glitter and shine to your lips by adding a powdered highlighter in the middle of your lips.

Not only will your lips look more glamorous, but the highlighter will also interact with the light and help you simulate fuller lips.

# 3 Make a sparkly eyeliner:

Do you want to give your eyes a facelift? Draw with a crisp highlighter line following your lash line to take your makeup to the next level.

We recommend, however, that you use a flat, angled brush moistened with setting spray before drawing lines on your eyelids with your highlighter as you would with eyeliner.

While this tip doesn’t have the same effect as a sparkly eyeliner, it’s still great for adding a little sparkle to your eyes without overdoing it.

You can also apply a powdered highlighter above and below your eyebrow to give your eyes an instant boost.

# 4 use it as an eye shadow

When you want to add a brilliant shine to your eye makeup, highlighters are ideal as eye shadow toppings.

To add some shiny highlights, take the highlighter with your finger and apply it gently to the middle of your eyelid, over your eye shadow.

However, if you want to tone down the shine and go for a light touch of shine, use a soft brush instead to sprinkle the highlighter on the eyelid.

# 5 Make your eyes appear more awake:

Apply a light highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to create the appearance of a bigger, brighter, more alert eye.

This method of applying the highlighter is not only easy, but it can also give your face a little freshness and joviality.

# 6 Combine your highlighter with a Fixing Spray

After observing the final effects of this technique, you will thank your lucky star:

  • Soak a small sponge with fixing spray.
  • then dip it delicately in the cream highlighter.
  • Apply this mixture to your face gently, focusing on the highlights.

“The best thing is to look natural, but to look natural you need makeup.”

Calvin klein

# 7 Give your arms and legs some shine:

Who says highlighter can only be used on your face? If you want the rest of your body to look healthy and glowing, try this simple baby oil and highlighter tip:

Combine a few drops of your liquid highlighter with a light baby oil and massage it into your arms and legs to make your skin appear super nourished and hydrated.

If your attire emphasizes your shoulders and cleavage, this is a terrific tip for giving the appearance of well-defined collarbones and shiny, sun-kissed skin.

# 8 Layer a cream highlighter with the powder one

You probably know that the texture of each type of highlighter, whether it is powder, cream or liquid, is different. The powder highlighters give a pronounced look, while the cream / liquid variations give a natural and softer look.

If you want to create a really eye-catching effect, start with a cream highlighter and then cover it with a powdered highlighter using a fan brush.

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