8 Suggestions for recognizing and treating toenail fungus


Nail fungus is a cryptogamic infection, which knows how to settle permanently if it is not localized and treated and which corrupts the keratin which constitutes the nail. It is a cause of the proliferation of fungi that are naturally or not on the feet. By being mindful of certain signs and symptoms, it is possible to identify nail fungus at an early stage and take active steps to regain healthy nails.

It must be taken into account that the signs listed below do not directly mean the presence of a mycosis; they may, however, allow you to monitor your nails more frequently, or to probably make an appointment with a doctor to certify your suspicions.

Recognizing the symptoms is therefore an important step in identifying and authenticating nail fungus, and of course starting a basic treatment with specialized and scientifically recognized solutions. Indeed, adequate treatment from the start of the infection can make the difference between a problem that will certainly resolve itself in a few weeks, and an established infection that can last for years indefinitely.

First of all it is important to know that nail fungus is usually painless at first. It is therefore essential to be vigilant with regard to symptoms related to the color or structure of the nail, for example:

1. The thickness of the nail. This is one of the most common signs of a fungal infection, just like the change in the color of the nail, it can become yellow or white.

2. A yellowish indentation in the so-called nail bed, the flesh you see on your finger or toe, glued to the nail, and on the inner part of the free edge of the nail. You can thus examine the presence of this imprint when you are cutting your nails.

3. The nail seems to be more fragile and also breaks more easily.

4. Over time, the thickness of the nail can lead to its separation from the skin of the toe.

5. In the event that the infection is not taken care of to be treated, then complications can manifest themselves, such as pain and discomfort, and therefore require a treatment that is all the longer since the mycosis has been detected at an already advanced stage.

6. And when they become painful, fungus can make it difficult or even impossible to wear shoes, or even walk. At more advanced levels, the nail becomes brittle, it may crack or chip.

In view of all that has been cited as symptoms, we can understand that fungal infections are not as common as one might think. It is therefore essential to think about treatment as soon as you notice signs and you have confirmation that it is indeed a yeast infection. So, we offer you solutions to treat your mycosis.

  • The « Scholl solution » which is one of the drugs for the treatment of nail mycosis makes it possible to treat both the symptoms and the origin of the mycosis. So you can get rid of mycosis for good.
  • There is also the “Scholl Solution 2 in 1” treatment for Nail Mycosis, it is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for everyone.
  • After treatment, it is important to keep your feet as dry and healthy as possible. And to achieve this, you must replace your other pairs of shoes as much as possible, and favor models that give your feet the opportunity to get some air, with socks made of natural fibres, washed and dried at high temperature.
  • You must then take good care of your feet on a regular basis, and also ensure that your overall hygiene is impeccable. It is also appropriate to clean the nails regularly and to wash at least once a day.
  • Do not have the habit of sharing the objects that are used for the manicure and pedicure of the nails, it is among other things: nail file or nail clippers.
  • Finally, it would be really wise to think after a while to replace the old shoes with new pairs of shoes, always for the good health of the nails.

In the event that the symptoms of mycosis do not disappear despite the various treatments mentioned above, it is best to go see your doctor for a clear diagnosis. Remember good health also includes good toe health.

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