8 ideas for efficiently waking up early within the morning


We often hear that the future belongs to those who get up early. Unfortunately, to get up, you still have to manage to wake up! However, for some people, this can be a real ordeal. The mood is then at best gloomy, sometimes maddening, the eyelids struggle to come off, the body is as if screwed to the bottom of the bed and the “snooze” button is mechanically crushed at lightning speed to artificially prolong its night of a few minutes. To better live the fateful moment (and always too early) when the alarm rings and signals the end of the night, here are some tips that will help you wake up without fatigue and get up on the right foot. Maybe you will even become a morning person!

1) Good sleep hygiene, the sine qua non for waking up well in the morning

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No advice will ever exempt you from get enough sleep and practice good sleep hygiene. It is even crucial to experience a fatigue-free awakening. The ideal is therefore to establish a morning ritual, but also at night to prepare you for sleep. If this may seem incidental to you, it is not so for your body, which only asks get into a rhythm to get going or, on the contrary, to rest. In addition to having a fixed bedtime, precede this window with screen-free time. Also avoid heavy and late meals, hot showers, late sports, an overheated room and the consumption of stimulants in the afternoon or evening (coffee, tea and alcohol).

2) Put the alarm clock away from the bed

With the alarm clock or the phone on your bedside table, it’s easier to allow yourself time to dawdle or delay waking up. However, we know that the snooze button to grab a few extra minutes of sleep is neither good for your mind nor for your body. So what to do? Prefer move the alarm clock away from the bed. You will therefore have to get up to go and turn it off. And once out of bed, you’ll have no reason to go back! In addition, the body is more effective if it gets up as soon as it receives the signal. This habit will therefore help you wake up more easily.

Good to know: If you’re paper-hard, you can slip the phone into a glass to amplify its sound. So you won’t miss it.

3) Change your alarm ringtone often

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Waking up in the morning is never easy. However, doing so after hearing a shrill ringtone that pierces your eardrums puts you in even worse shape. This is why we advise you to choose a soft and pleasant ringtone that you will enjoy hearing when you wake up. Also remember to change it frequently. Thus, it will take your brain by surprise and get you out of your morning slumber more easily.

4) Wake up at the same time every day without exception

Again, our body needs to get into a rhythm to function well. However, if you get up early every day, but sleep in on the weekends, you break the hard-earned rhythm of the previous days. To regulate your sleep cycles and have to make less effort to get up, opt for fixed bedtimes and wake-up times, at least on weekdays.

Good to know: Need to get back on your feet after a holiday? Advance your alarm clock 15 minutes for two days, then repeat the next two days. Little by little, you will manage to get back on the right schedule, but you still have to plan a little in advance to avoid a sudden change!

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