8 Unsuspected Meals You Ought to Actually Chill


Eggs, tomatoes, etc. Very often, we store in the fridge foods that don’t belong there. However, the reverse is also true. We sometimes tend to keep foods at room temperature that don’t really belong in the pantry and should actually be stored in the fridge. Whether you opt for the fridge or the freezer, a good technique for storing these foods will help you keep them longer and reduce your food waste. And of course, it’s also healthier, because improperly storing some of these foods can lead to harmful bacterial growth or reduce their nutritional benefits. Fridge or freezer, discover these unsuspected foods to store in the fridge.

1) Flour, especially whole wheat

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Flour keeps much longer in the fridge or freezer (where it doesn’t freeze) than in the back of the cupboard. This is particularly true in the case of organic flour or wholemeal flours (eg spelled or rye). These flours are indeed more at risk of getting infected by parasites than classic white flour in addition to having a less good conservation. Whole wheat flour, for example, contains wheat bran and germ which are naturally rich in nutrients and oils, and therefore very attractive to parasites.

Good to know: If you have a problem with food moths or weevils, keeping them cool will in any case keep any type of flour in good condition and away from attack.

2) Walnuts and hazelnuts

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At room temperature, these foods turn rancid. In addition, if exposed to humidity, these snacks can harbor dangerous bacteria. Fortunately, you can keep your walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts and other various seeds in an airtight jar or bag in the fridge. If you don’t use them regularly, you can even consider the freezer, in which case they will keep for up to a year very easily. Whether you opt for the fridge or the freezer, it will keep their intact flavor without going rancid Longer.

3) Certain oils among the foods to be kept cool

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Cold pressed oils are very sensitive to heat and therefore best stored in the refrigerator. Be aware that they can sometimes become cloudy once in the fridge. However, this is harmless and returns to normal when the bottle is left to stand for a bit at room temperature before use. Also remember that at room temperature, olive oil infused with garlic can promote the development of the bacteria. Clostridium botulinuma pathogenic toxin that causes botulism. Prefer to keep your infused oil for a maximum of one week in the fridge or to put it in the freezer for a longer storage time.

4) A red wine that has been started

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An open bottle of red wine will keep its flavor better away from light and heat, two elements that can favor its alteration and chemical reactions that spoil the drink. Stored in a cool place, this wine will age and spoil less quickly. Just remember to take out your cabernet in advance so that it is at room temperature. This will give you an optimal taste.

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