80 unthinkable pallet furnishings concepts


Need even more inspiration for your next DIY pallet or just want to see some creative ideas made with repurposed wood? In this collection of ideas I have gathered both pallet furniture that I really like, inspiring art objects that may give you ideas for dressing your furniture once finished as well as tables bass & garden furniture mostly.

You will find other ideas of the style of floors all in pallets as well as beds in pallets but this collection contains a lot of tables and garden furniture mainly.

Wishing you a good viewing of this collection of ideas which I hope will make you want to get into DIY by reusing pallets for the garden, the house or for the simple pleasure of DIY.

A deer pattern on pallet wood

In this collection you will find several ideas for patterns to draw on your pallets once your pallet object or furniture is finished. So you can give a unique style to your creation by adding a pattern like the one on your project.

A pattern of birds on a pallet bed

Do you like nature and especially birds? Why not give a unique style to your bed created with pallets by adding a design like this to your creation?

A small coffee table in pallets

Here is a creative and simple idea to make with reused pallet wood: A small pallet coffee table. Both practical and quick to make, this coffee table will very well furnish your living room and be practical on a daily basis for placing your objects that you need easy access to from the sofa, such as the remote control or your coffee.

If you read this message it means that you have read each idea present in this collection of ideas, I would like to thank you for having seen my entire collection and I wish you good inspiration as well as good creativity for your next creations in pallets.
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