9 superb makes use of for house conditioner


Like shaving foam, conditioner can be used for purposes other than its primary use. You may already know, for example, that it can be used as a shaving cream for the legs (however, this should be avoided for more sensitive areas such as the bikini line). However, we can also, but above all, use it for the maintenance of the linen as well as the house. Indeed, its softening and polishing properties do not fail to allow it to replace certain household products that we are used to using. With its low price, it can therefore represent a more advantageous and less “chemical” alternative (even if its composition is not necessarily perfect either, let us be clear!). And if a bottle of hair conditioner you didn’t like is gathering dust in a closet, you’ll have some clever ideas for putting it to good use.

1) Conditioner to replace fabric softener

fabric softener
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Follow our recipe and mix white vinegar and hair conditioner to get a very effective fabric softener that smells good. It will cost you next to nothing! You can also simply soak a washcloth with conditioner and add it to the heart of the laundry, in the drum of the washing machine, before starting a cycle. You will also benefit from its softening power on textile fibres.

2) To save shrunken clothes

sweater washing machine
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Whether it’s a sweater that has felted or a cotton garment that has shrunk, you can always try to save them by using conditioner. To do this, prepare a basin of cold water to which a little product is added. Then, the garment is left to soak for a few moments and left to dry flat on a towel. To succeed in restoring its shape to the laundry, however, it will be necessary to think about pull gently on it regularly during drying.

3) Conditioner for washing delicate fabrics

clean wash bras
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To clean silk, cashmere or even your most delicate pieces of lingerie, the conditioner can be very useful and respectful. Just dilute a tablespoon in a basin of water and use this water to wash by hand. Your laundry will be impeccably clean and won’t risk getting damaged.

4) A trick to make shoes shine

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You can use many unusual products to make your shoes shine. This is the case with banana peel, but also with the conditioner that works wonders on shoes. Place a few drops on a soft cloth and gently polish each shoe to make it look like new.

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