9 Greatest Vibrators and Vibrating Panties in 2022 for Discreet Pleasure: We-Vibe, Lovehoney, Dame, Amazon


If you’ve never heard of panty vibrators, you’re in for a treat. The best panty vibrators (and vibrating panties) slip inside underwear or are built-in, allowing for delicious, hands-free partner play. We spoke to sex experts and sex educators to answer the biggest questions about these sex toys and break down the best panty vibes for your (private only) pleasure.

What are vibrating panties and vibrating panties?

In a nutshell: « A panty vibrator is a wearable vibrator that hides in your underwear for discreet clitoral stimulation, » explains the sex therapist and Lovehoney representative, Shamyra Howard, LCSW. « The vibrator is remote or app controlled so you or your partner can control the pleasure. »

Vibrating panties, on the other hand, have the mini vibrator, bullet vibrator or stimulation already sewn into the underwear. While most vibrating panties and vibrating panties offer clitoral stimulation, there are models on the market that do even more, notes Rae Chen, sex and beauty editor of TheNotice.net: « You can also find wearable and insertable G-spot vibrators, dual stimulation toys and air pulse toys. »

What are the benefits of a pantry vibrator?

One of the biggest benefits of panty vibrators is their discretion and versatility. Because the toys are worn inside your underwear, you can use them pretty much everywhere– on a date night and beyond – without a soul knowing. « From the couch to the grocery store to the movie theater, there are endless options for discreet play sessions indoors or outdoors, » says G Stone, board-certified clinical sexologist and founder of Straight but not narrow ladies.

Since most vibrators are app-controlled, it’s easy to give your partner the ability to control them remotely, a great way to add new sensations to any long-distance relationship. Like Carol Queen, sex educator and staff member at good vibes Said, panty vibrations can also be a smart assistive device for anyone who doesn’t have great hand strength or motor control. Well, panty vibrators also work as external vibrators without underwear, with different vibration patterns and strengths.

What should you look for when shopping for panty vibrators?

« Think about the features that are important to you (like sound, strength, remote), then shop accordingly, » says Queen. Here are some questions Howard recommends asking yourself: Where are you going to use this toy? Who are you going to use it with? How important is it that your toy is rechargeable, waterproof, hands-free and quiet?

If you’re buying a panty vibrator (not vibrating panties), consider how the toy attaches to your underwear. “Look for options that attach securely (via a magnetic clip) so they stay in place,” says Stone, emphasizing that you should always opt for materials that are 100% body-safe.

Next, consider intensities, speeds, texture and shape of the toy. Make sure it’s wide, narrow, or long enough to line up around the circumference of your clitoris, advises Stone. If you want to associate the panty vibe with tighter clothes, it’s best to avoid « bulges that look like balls, » says Queen.

What are the best vibrators for panties?

Below, we’ve put together a list of the best panty vibrators (and vibrating panties) recommended by experts. You’ll find some great options from retailers and brands like Amazon, We-Vibe, Dame, Lovehoney, and more.

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