9 meals to whiten yellow tooth


A beautiful smile is the best accessory to be attractive. However, for it to illuminate your face and those around you at the same time, your teeth must be at least white. And even if it is tempting to embark on many whitening treatments (toothpaste, whitening strips, etc.), we know that they can permanently damage tooth enamel. Also, we would do too much toothache in the long term. We can also limit anything that gives yellow teeth and can stain them: tea, wine, sodas, coffee, beets, etc. Fortunately, certain foods can restore radiance to teeth to regain a beautiful whiteness and keep it. In addition, all these foods are very good and we will therefore be happy to eat them! Check out these foods that can whiten teeth.

In addition to these foods, adopt good oral hygiene. Use a toothbrush and a suitable toothpaste in addition to dental floss or interdental brushes as well as mouthwash if necessary. And of course, seeing a dental surgeon every year is a must. The opportunity to undergo scaling and teeth whitening in the rules of the art.

1) Water among foods to whiten teeth

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Drinking a lot of water does not only allow you to hydrate, an essential gesture for health! It also helps reduce the risk of cavities or dental plaque. Indeed, it dislodges food residues between the teeth and allows the mouth to be rinsed. If you eat something that could stain your tooth enamel and cause it to turn yellow, drinking a full glass of calcium-rich water may limit the damage.

2) carrot

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The surface of these good vegetables is formidable with the spots. You can not only bite into a raw carrot, but also rub the roots of it on your teeth to polish them smoothly and quickly. Chewing will promote the production of saliva, which is excellent for combating dental plaque which causes tarnishing of the teeth.

3) strawberry

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Many fruits have very effective whitening properties. So, bite into the fruit at will. You can also make toothpaste with a little baking soda to whiten your teeth even more. It is the malic acid contained in the fruit that is an effective bleaching agent.

4) apples, other beneficial foods for whitening teeth

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As with carrots, biting and chewing an apple will whiten teeth and remove plaque. In general, giving pride of place to fruits and fibrous vegetables (celery, etc.) also helps to benefit from this effect.

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