9 magical natural teas for a sore throat


In autumn-winter, suffering from symptoms such as sore throat and persistent cough is very common. Thyme syrup, elderberry syrup, honey throat lozenges… Between the derailed voice and the irritated or scratchy throat, grandmother’s little natural remedies are more than ever welcome to quickly feel better. Endowed with many virtues, herbal teas are, for example, excellent allies for rapid relief from sore throat and various ENT infections (colds, flu, bronchitis, pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, angina, etc.). Here are the 9 essentials in this area to choose from to spend quiet cold seasons!

Obviously, using a natural remedy does not replace seeing a doctor or asking your pharmacist for advice. However, nothing relieves more immediately than a good hot cup of herbal tea to quickly zap the hoarseness and put balm in the heart.

1) The best herbal teas for a sore throat: thyme of course!

thyme infusion
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Not content with being among the best herbal teas for quick relief, thyme herbal tea is also one of those classics that everyone knows. It must be said that with its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, she does short work of ENT diseases. Alone or with a little honey, it helps to soften the irritation of the throat. It is therefore THE plant to have in your cupboards in anticipation of the harsh winter that is coming! Do not hesitate to prepare yourself three cups a day with a teaspoon of thyme per cup.

2) Cinnamon herbal tea, the ultimate comforting spice

cinnamon herbal tea among medicinal herbal teas (sore throat, etc.)
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Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices in hot drinks used to warm up in the dead of winter. And casually, it brings in passing its share of benefits not always well known to the public. Rich in antioxidants, cinnamon also shines by its antibacterial virtues. You would therefore be wrong to deprive yourself of it! For assured comfort for both your body and your hoarse and irritated throat, infuse a stick of cinnamon in milk to flavor it. Then top it up with a little thyme honey and drink the drink hot, but not hot so as not to further irritate your weakened throat:

3) honey herbal teas for sore throat

honey lemon herbal tea ginger remedy
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For young and old alike, honey drink is THE ultimate remedy to calm the worst sore throats. In addition to a great comfort, this ingredient brings many benefits. Honey is indeed antioxidant, antibacterial, and lubricant for the oral mucosa and throat. It is also anti-inflammatory, which will relieve the throat very quickly. Even if it does not look like real quality honey is also boost your immune system. However, this is a key point in the event of illness! For a quick toddy, add lemon juice (half a citrus fruit) and a teaspoon of honey in 250 ml of hot water.

4) marshmallow tea for a very irritated throat

Althaea officinalis Marshmallow herbal teas sore throat cough
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Little known, marshmallow herbal tea is one of the best herbal teas against sore throat. This is explained by its rich in mucilage which give it its slightly gelatinous side. When in contact with water, the mucilage takes on a characteristic viscous texture that helps protect and soothe the throat. This is great when a fatty cough or dry cough starts to get painful. The marshmallow is further expectorant, which helps to de-clutter the airways clogged with mucus. You can use it alone or in combination with licorice root (antiviral and antimicrobial, for those who do not have high blood pressure).

Good to know: You can also enjoy a marshmallow to soothe your throat 😉

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