9 pure cures to beat sizzling flashes


For menopausal or premenopausal women, the occurrence of hot flashes is rarely well experienced. At any time of the day, one can indeed feel very suddenly invaded by a sensation of diffuse and intense heat often very often accompanied by excessive perspiration which disappears as suddenly and spontaneously as it appears. Sometimes these flushes are also accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms. In addition to night or day sweats, you may have diffuse redness, chills or dizziness. Fortunately, solutions from alternative medicine exist, like so many alternatives or complements to simple classic hormone treatment. Here are some natural remedies to know in case of hot flashes that will make you more comfortable.

Be careful, like sage, evening primrose or cypress, some of these remedies are based on phytohormones. They are therefore prohibited in case of history of hormone-dependent cancer (ovaries, breasts, endometrium or cervix) or pregnancy. As a precaution and in case of doubt, always ask your general practitioner for advice before using a natural remedy. Let us also recall that theDiet can also positively or negatively influence on this phenomenon. So remember to adapt it accordingly.

1) Sage essential oil, one of the best-known remedies for hot flashes

clary sage essential oil
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Thanks to its sclareol, a molecule whose effect is comparable to that of female hormones, you can calm hot flashes during menopause. To do this, one drop is enough! Place a drop of clary sage essential oil on a neutral tablet bought in pharmacies or in a teaspoon of honey. Take it all as soon as the symptoms begin to be felt, but do not exceed three doses per day.

2) A herbal tea to relieve you

red clover infusion
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For a complete action and maximum comfort, combining several plants can be a good solution. For their action similar to female hormones, the association of angelica and red clover gives good results. Add Roman chamomile and lemon balm for their soothing and digestive effect and supplement with ginseng, an adaptogen. In an airtight jar, mix these dried plants in equal doses. Then, infuse a heaped teaspoon of this herbal tea, covered, in 500 ml of simmering water, for about ten minutes. Strain your tea and drink it in small amounts throughout the day. You can also simply take an infusion of sage or hawthorn.

3) Evening primrose oil in capsules

evening primrose capsules remedies for PMS and meopause
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Little known, evening primrose oil is nevertheless very popular with women, especially for combating the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Its effectiveness is due to its natural richness in phytoestrogen. Generally, it is used in the form of capsules (in organic stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies) as a cure of 3 weeks per month.

4) Plant hydrosols to counter the symptoms

sage essential oil hydrosol
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Widely used in the field of beauty, aromatic hydrosols also have multiple applications for health. In the case that interests us, there is in particular clary sage hydrosol which has a mild hormonal effect. You can combine it with peppermint hydrosol for a cool and calming effect. To use them, mix two doses of the first with one dose of the second and consume a teaspoon of the mixture three times a day. You can take them pure or diluted in water at your convenience. Repeat for several days until symptoms improve.

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