9 pure cures to deal with it shortly and nicely


Urticaria is a skin reaction which is manifested by outbreaks of red patches and localized or extensive itching. And while contact with irritating substances is often the cause (as with nettles), other factors can cause them. For example, we can cite an allergy to a food or product, anxiety and depression or even a trip to the hammam! Over season, cold weather or swimming in cold water can also cause hives. This rash is therefore not only caused by allergic reactions! In any case, it is a very annoying symptom that requires finding what is causing it to better stop it. But if it lasts a few hours or days, we are always happy to know natural remedies to relieve discomfort and limit scratching such as swelling. So if it tingles, heats or burns, here’s what to use so as not to aggravate the allergic reaction.

1) Cold water: great against hives

mineral water bottle
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If a problem cannot be relieved by hot water, it often will be by cold water! Promoting it will allow reduce the size of blood vessels. This will help soothe the burns and irritation. On localized lesions, you can use soaked compresses or a well-filled freezer bag. Otherwise, go straight to the shower for large areas.

2) Aloe vera gel… of course!

the gel one of the easiest homemade styling products to make
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First of all, remember that this product can do it all! So we don’t hesitate to call on our soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Indeed, the application of this gel which will be allowed to dry in the open air will allow soothe irritation and itching. In addition, it can be applied at will during the day and kept cool to combine the cold effect and its calming powers. If you don’t have one, replace it with good beekeeper honey to calm hives.

3) The multi-purpose baking soda your skin loves

baking soda or sodium
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Yes, again and again him! Indeed, this sweet all-purpose ingredient helps to rebalance the pH of the skin and to protect and relieve it. Short, no redness or itching resists it ! As a result, it can be diluted in water for a calming and anti-inflammatory bath of 20 minutes. Here, count two tablespoons for a basin of water and four for a bathtub. It will be up to you to judge according to the extent of the lesions. Another well-known powder, talc officinalis, can be sprinkled locally to relieve the skin.

4) Cabbage or onion

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Unfortunately, these delicious foods are not meant for your mouth, but to your affected skin! Cabbage leaves can indeed be macerated for three to five hours in water before being applied to the skin. Also, remember to remove the larger ribs to make it softer on the skin. But if you don’t have any in the fridge, cut onion rings to massage gently on the skin before leaving for half an hour. Indeed, this silly ingredient has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties : everything hives do not like!

5) Organic cider vinegar: a blessing for the skin

cider vinegar
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Apple cider vinegar fights all ills brilliantly. So, skin troubles don’t make a fuss with him. Moreover, this anti-inflammatory ingredient will relieve your itching before you even had time to say “hives”! Here, you can apply it as a compress to a small area or treat yourself to a soothing lukewarm bath by adding a good glass of this vinegar to the bathtub. After 20 minutes, pat dry your skin gently.

6) Fight hives with food?

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Depending on the cause, certain foods can calm your hives! For example, take vitamin C or turmeric: they are very effective in calming hives of allergic origin, as they are natural antihistamines. We can therefore bet on seasonal fruits and vegetables and sprinkle our dishes with this sweet colored spice for a little extra in the mouth that is good for your health. As for thehives caused by anxiety, it can be reduced with the right plants in infusion. Here, think of chamomile, thyme or valerian to boil for five minutes in 200 ml of water and infuse another five minutes before straining and adding the honey. Three times a day, use about 20 g of the plant each time.

7) The sweetness of oats

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Oats are so gentle and anti-inflammatory that it will always make the skin happy. And it’s even more true when the itching makes life hard for him. To help it heal well, we can make a creamy paste to apply 20 or 30 minutes on the affected areas. Alternatively, add a cup or two to the lukewarm bath to benefit your entire body. It can’t hurt!

8) Essential oils? Aromatherapy to the rescue!

lavender essential oil
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Benefit from the therapeutic virtues of soothing essential oils thanks to their anti-inflammatory power. Indeed, this will reduce redness and swelling while stopping the itching. To do this, pour a vegetable oil of your choice into the palm of your hand: avocado, olive, sesame, grapeseed, jojoba, coconut, etc. Then complete with one or two drops of essential oil. For example, try aspic lavender, Italian helichrysum or even chamomile or Roman chamomile!

9) Homeopathy

homeopathy granules
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If you believe in it, go for it! Here, we can rely on histaminum 5 or 9 CH, urtica urens 5 CH Where apis mellifica 5 CH. For more efficiency, you can combine urtica urens 5 CH and Apis mellifica 5 CH. Nevertheless, it is better to seek the advice of a professional to have the best treatment according to your type of urticaria.

Last recommendation: If you have swelling and in particular difficulty breathing, we strongly encourage you to call your doctor as soon as possible. Indeed, it may be a Quincke’s edema and it goes beyond simple skin irritation! An allergist can help you identify what can trigger the appearance of papules on your mucous membranes.

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