9 Pure Methods to Kill Weeds.


But that’s no reason to use chemicals.

Fortunately, there are natural ways to deal with it.

These are simple tips that will not endanger the health of your children or your pets.

Here are 9 simple and natural ways to kill weeds in your garden without pesticides. Look :

1. By hand

how to weed by hand

You can get rid of weeds the old-fashioned way: by pulling them out by hand. Wear a good pair of garden gloves to do this. Be careful not to transport weed seeds elsewhere inadvertently. Your work would be wasted!

Good gardening tools like a claw or a small pointed shovel can be useful. They will help loosen the soil around the roots. All that remains is to pull the weed out, completely pulling out the root. It’s the only way to make sure she doesn’t come back.

2. With corn gluten

weed with corn gluten

Did you know corn gluten controls seed germination? Sprinkle it in your garden and it will prevent weed seeds from sprouting.

Be careful, corn gluten prevents all seeds from germinatingso it should not be put in the whole vegetable garden, and especially not on the good seeds.

Wait until your plants are well established in the ground to put around.

3. With mulch

weed with mulch

Cover planting areas with mulch. Weed seeds will not come into contact with the ground and therefore will not grow. Bad seeds already in the ground will not see the light that is needed to grow. This is another way to avoid them.

Finally, mulch provides additional moisture retention benefits. Ideal for not multiplying the waterings! It also enriches your soil as it breaks down. And then, it is rather pretty. In short, what advantages!

4. With white vinegar

weed with vinegar

Apply the vinegar with a spray bottle on weeds. Like other natural herbicides, vinegar cannot differentiate between weeds and other plants.

Spray it preferably early in the morning. And especially when there is little wind to avoid contaminating neighboring plants. Vinegar is very acidic and its herbicidal properties are activated by the sun. So choose to put it on a day without clouds and without rain otherwise the vinegar will not have time to work.

5. With newspaper

weed with newspaper

The newspaper serves to smother weeds and prevent new ones from developing. Cover your crops with a thick layer of newspaper which will prevent sunlight from reaching the weed seeds. So they cannot germinate.

Wet the soil first, apply the newspaper to the foot of the plants. Wet it copiously again before covering it with mulch. This is a great way to recycle it! And as a bonus, you encourage earthworms to come and stay. Remember that earthworms are very useful for aerating the soil. Check out the trick here.

6. With boiling water

weed with boiling water

Scalding weeds is another way to deal with them. Just enter your kettle, after heating the water, and taking it to the garden. Carefully pour a trickle of water over the base of each unwanted plant.

Perennial, tough weeds with very long, taproots may require two or three applications. But they will eventually capitulate. Use your potholders, of course, and protect yourself from splashes: wear long pants and closed shoes.

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7. With salt

weed with salt

Good old table salt is very effective at killing weeds. Just put a pinch at the base of each plant. It will kill it, but above all will be diluted after a few rains.

Warning: salt makes the soil uncultivable for several months, so be sure to apply only a small amount and only when needed. Avoid spreading it on the good plants!

8. With soap

weed with soap

Make your own homemade herbicidal soap. Mix equal parts: vinegar, salt and soap. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Apply it to your weeds.

Warning: be wise! This concoction will kill all plants it touches indiscriminately. So be careful and don’t spray it on your perennials.

9. With a burst of steam

weeding with steam jet

A high-pressure sprayer works with water that is embedded in the cells of the plants. When the water turns to steam, the cells burst and the plant dies. You shouldn’t char the weeds, just wither them. It takes a bit of practice, but it’s very effective.

Caution: Never use on toxic herbs, as they can release toxic fumes into the air. Your eyes or your lungs would be the first victims.

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