9 components of the physique that you simply wash poorly or maybe not sufficient


We cannot compromise with the cleaning of certain parts of the body such as the armpits, the face, the private parts, the feet (especially between the toes) or the folds under the breasts. However, taking a shower every day is not necessarily synonymous with good hygiene. Indeed, we tend to forget to clean certain areas of the body or to wash them too briefly (rubbing badly, using the wrong products, rinsing incorrectly, etc.). In the end, bacteria accumulate, with a particular risk of developing bad odors or showing traces of dirt. Discover these parts of the body whose cleaning often leaves much to be desired and on which you should concentrate more!

1) The navel, among the parts of the body often forgotten

clean navel
Credits: Benjamin David / Wikimedia Commons

As explained previously in another article, the navel can be a real breeding ground for bacteria. Hot, humid and very hospitable to germs, we can even find there up to 67 types of bacteria according to a 2012 study. It has many folds and nooks and crannies, so that soaping up quickly and letting the water run off the skin is not necessarily enough to keep it clean. Sometimes the situation degenerates into omphalolith, a painful concretion in the umbilicus. Do not hesitate to insist more on this orifice daily using a cotton swab or a clean washcloth.

2) language

Credit: 1045373 / Pixabay

Many people do not wash their teeth enough on a daily basis, let alone their tongue. However, its rough edges retain and welcome bacteria throughout the day. In the end, thehalitosis (or bad breath) is felt and teeth are more at risk of damaging the tongue. In addition to that of dental floss or the interdental brush, the daily use of a tongue scraper is therefore a prerequisite for good oral hygiene.

3) The underside of the nails, often forgotten

Credit: MariaGodfrida / Pixabay

If hand washing throughout the day is an important gesture (although not necessarily acquired by everyone after using the toilet, after cooking, especially meat or fish or after a sneeze), cleaning the underside of the nails, which is more tedious, is often forgotten. However, even if they are not black with dirt, the nails collect dirt all day. Do not forget to brush your nails daily to dislodge bacteria.

4) The back of the ears among the often overlooked parts of the body

Credit: MikesPhotos / Pixabay

With the many sebaceous glands (glands that secrete sebum) behind the ears, grime can quickly accumulate. Indeed, sebum can quickly smell bad if it is not cleaned well, especially in nooks like this one that makes bacteria happy. A good cleaning of this area therefore never hurts!

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