9 excellent ideas for cleansing your fryer from high to backside


The fryer is a popular appliance for all fried dishes and sweets. You can therefore cook your fries in it as well as use it to brown your donuts, churros and marvels or bring a little crunch to your nuggets and spring rolls. However, for an intact taste pleasure, you have to remember to change the oil, but also to clean the fryer which tends to quickly become stained and clogged. Frying is indeed a very fatty cooking which does not fail to leave burnt fat deposits that are very difficult to remove. Fortunately, with all the good tips from grandmother in hand and the right choice of cleaning product, you can make your small greasy household appliance look like new.

In this article, discover economical and ecological tips for successful maintenance of your fryer. Something to forget about chemicals (such as oven degreasing cleaner) that leave residues that are dangerous to health (and taste buds!). Remember, however, that before any cleaning, the used oil must be removed. To do this, take it to the recycling center to put it with special household waste.

1) Flour to degrease a fryer before cleaning it

Even after being emptied, the deep fryer remains full of oil. Also, even by adding the best degreasing products, the fat will still be present. This is where the flour comes in, which removes the excess oil that coats your appliance! This eliminates the need to use paper towels, which is not very environmentally friendly. Generously sprinkle the fryer tray with this powder. It goes then absorb the last oily residues. You can then use a wooden spatula to remove the fat, then throw in as much flour as possible. Your fryer will then be ready for cleaning!

deep fryer fry
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2) Dishwashing liquid, a classic for cleaning the fryer

For a very dirty tank, nothing beats a good degreasing dishwashing product ! We start here by pouring boiling water into the tray, then we add a dose of dishwashing liquid. Then, let it act for a few minutes and empty. All you have to do is rub with an abrasive sponge to complete the cleaning. If necessary, you can also combine it with baking soda. Indeed, the duo of soapy water and baking soda is merciless on stubborn burnt stains and other stubborn residues. You would therefore be wrong to deprive yourself of combining these household products!

3) Black soap: a good degreaser

black soap
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This very effective multi-purpose product is excellent for cleaning a very dirty device. To degrease your dirty fryer, pour some on your non-abrasive sponge. Here you can optionally add a little baking soda powder for even more efficiency. Then, carefully scrub the inside of the tank with your sponge. Grease won’t crease!

4) Soda crystals to intensely clean the fryer

Neither toxic nor dangerous for the environment and easy to find in the household or laundry department of the supermarket, in an organic store or in a DIY store, soda crystals are more corrosive than baking soda. They will therefore have a better efficiency on a very dirty fryer that is difficult to clean. However, you will need to wear gloves to handle them safely. How to use them? Fill the tank with very hot water, then dilute about 100 g of crystals (a generous handful). Leave on for a few minutes, then scrub. Then be sure to rinse your fryer thoroughly and dry it with a clean cloth.

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