9 vegetation to refresh your inside when it is VERY sizzling


Houseplants are not only used to bring a little life into an interior decoration. They are also very useful for depolluting the house, perfuming a room, reducing snoring or even combating the accumulation of dust. However, during periods of high heat, they can also help us stay cool! Indeed, indoor plants can create their own atmospheric ecosystem and improve the humidity level of a room thanks to the phenomenon of photosynthesis, thus making it possible to cool it very effectively. Instead of deciding to buy a fan (to stir the hot air unnecessarily) or go broke by buying an air conditioning unit that is not very ecological and overpriced, find out how to green your home during the summer to bring freshness into your home. your little cocoon and live more pleasantly during heat waves.

Plants to refresh your interior: how does it work?

indoor plants decorative apartment plants to refresh your interior in summer heat wave
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It is well known that outdoor plants, and especially in our concrete cities, help to cool the ambient air. The parks and trees in the street will thus create pleasant oases of greenery. However, indoors, how exactly does it work? In reality, this is largely explained by photosynthesis. When the Earth’s atmosphere warms up, plants will need to sweat like us to regulate their temperature. Thanks to the stomatites on their leaves (kinds of pores), they will therefore release moisture into the air which will make it less hot and unpleasant. In short, it’s a 100% natural air conditioning system.

Plants are also known for their ability to purify indoor air by absorbing pollutants and toxins from indoor air in addition to carbon dioxide. By removing these harmful substances, they help maintain better air quality, which can also help a little to create a feeling of freshness. Furthermore, their foliage absorbs some of the thermal energy when the sun penetrates the room, thus reducing the temperature of the surrounding surfaces. Nevertheless, we will see: not all plants are created equal. Plants with large leaves or numerous small leaves are especially ideal here. Need some examples? Here it is!

Which plants to refresh your interior in summer?

1) Aloe vera

aloe vera succulent succulent plant
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Already very popular for the medicinal properties of its gel (especially in the event of sunburn), this succulent plant has the good points. Indeed, not content with bringing luck and cleaning up indoor air, this succulent reputation will act as a natural air conditioner, all at low cost. Aloe vera is therefore a plant to absolutely have in summer!

2) The rubber plant

rubber (Ficus elastica)
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The majestic bearing of the rubber plant (also called ficus elastica) is not only aesthetic, but also useful for slightly cool a room. This ficus indeed succeeds very well in return humidity to a room. It is also one of the best plants for cleaning the air. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it… Just remember to find a bright spot without direct sunlight and find out about its watering needs to potentiate its beneficial effects.

3) Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Sansevieria mother-in-law's tongue depolluting plants useful for refreshing your interior
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Sansevieria (also known by the amusing nickname of “mother-in-law’s tongue”) is already well known for reducing indoor pollution. However, in addition to flushing out toxins, it also helps to stay cool when it’s hot. This easy-care and beautiful succulent therefore deserves its place in your bright and, if possible, draft-free living room.

4) The areca palm

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The areca palm is one of the depolluting plants that we love to have at home. However, this beautiful tree is not limited to the elimination of ambient pollutants (formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene, etc.) and CO2 from the air! Like all palm trees (Fishtail, Rhapis, etc.), it acts as a natural humidifier. The large leaves of these beautiful plants will indeed diffuse good ambient humidity and even more if you take good care of them. mist water over it weekly to increase their oxygenation. What are you waiting for to create your own indoor rainforest!

5) Spider Plant

hairy chlorophytum spider plant
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The spider plant (or chlorophytum comosum) is not only depolluting, but also allows keep a cool home, all without too much maintenance or care. Perfect for gardeners who don’t have a green thumb! If you fall in love with its foliage similar to a sublime bouquet of grass, do not hesitate to adopt it. It will be really very effective in summer.

6) The ficus benjamina

ficus benjamina useful plants to refresh your interior
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Ficus benjamina is THE ally plant for people who spend a lot of time indoors and who fear heatstroke. This very leafy little shrub allows you to naturally keep a cool, humid air.

7) The golden pothos

golden pothos
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Devil’s ivy helps keep the air fresh and clean within the room where you place it. In addition, the golden pothos is very easy to maintain (and almost indestructible!). So there’s no excuse not to fall for its beautiful, abundant foliage…

8) Boston Fern

depolluting plants such as Boston fern
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Nephrolepis (or Boston fern) is a tropical plant both depolluting and refreshing. Just like palm trees, do not hesitate to use an atomizer to slightly moisten its leaves. You will see: it will pay you back during the heat waves to come!

9) Aglaonema

Aglaonema useful plants to refresh its interior
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The aglaonema is ideal for dark interiors or for an inexperienced gardener. Its large foliage of great elegance will also and above all allow create a fresh environment in your home. Enough to make your haven of peace even more healthy in case of high heat!

Which outdoor plants to refresh indoor air?

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Outdoors, plants can be useful for providing shade and protecting the soil from drought. On a balcony, at the level of the pergola or on the terrace, we particularly appreciate the wisteria which can cleverly shade a bay window while beautifying your outdoor spaces. It can also, like ivy, vines, clematis or honeysuckle, form a green wall (on trellis or not). This type of climbing plant can cleverly lower the temperature of the exterior walls. Enough to gain several degrees while sublimating the exterior facade of the house! (It is also possible to opt for the green roof to obtain the same effect.)

Also think about well-leaved trees planted to the east, west and south of your property to protect it once summer returns by providing a touch of shade. Choose with deciduous leaves, they won’t block the light once winter returns! A hedge would also be a good choice to prevent the sun’s rays from passing to the west without blocking air circulation. Finally, avoid building your terrace too much, because it will reflect the sun’s rays too much. A simple lawn will therefore be preferable here for more freshness.

You will have understood: plants are a real godsend when the thermometer gets carried away. We hope that this article will ingeniously guide your choices in garden centers or nurseries for a more pleasant summer season despite the high heat. Remember, however, that a single plant will not be enough to reduce heatstroke. So remember to multiply the plants for more efficiency and also adopt our other tips to refresh your interior when it’s hot.

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