9 Methods to Enhance and Strengthen Your Dwelling Safety


For most homeowners, decorating their new home is probably more fun than putting in place specific security measures. While this is the case, your home security should be your top priority, as burglar attacks can happen to anyone at any time.

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If you’re looking to beef up your home’s security, especially now that the holidays are approaching and porch hackers are lurking to steal packages, you have plenty of options! DIY security tools for hire from security and alarm companies like casasecuirty.com.authere are several steps you can take to protect and secure your home.

To help you with your home security checklist, here are nine easy ways to protect your new home from burglary!

9 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

There are many ways to improve your home security – from simple and inexpensive ways to more expensive and extensive investment security ways. Below are ways to improve your chances of never suffering a home break-in!

1. Secure doors and lock windows

The easiest way to defend your home is to secure and lock all doors and windows. Even when you are at home, make sure they are always closed. Check first floor doors and windows every night and every time you leave your house to make sure they are all locked.

2. Set up a home security system

A home security system may be a more expensive option, but it’s probably the most effective way to keep thieves and burglars out of your home. The moment they spot a security camera, chances are they’ll turn around and walk away.

Home security cameras and alarm systems are great options if you want to add a layer of protection to your home. If you have a more reasonable budget, you can hire a security company to set up a more sophisticated and technologically advanced security system for better home protection.

3. Install outdoor lighting

It’s a fact that burglars and intruders don’t like to be in the spotlight. They prefer to work in the dark. You can keep them at a distance and away from your home by installing sufficient outdoor lighting.

4. Add sensor lights

Installing motion sensor lights in your home can scare off burglars. These are incredibly useful and effective deterrents that are readily available and not too expensive. An unexpected light that comes on when they don’t expect it can scare intruders enough to scare them away.

5. Buy a secure and strong safe

If an intruder enters, make sure all your essential valuables are well protected. A home safe can be a safe depository that keeps everything safe, from jewelry to crucial documents like passports.

6. Make Obstacles

Besides locks, you can add other obstacles and obstructions in and around your home to make it harder for intruders to enter and break in. Install a large gate, fence or walls around your property. You can also plant thorn bushes under first floor windows and add cactus plants to your windowsills.

For animal lovers, it can be convenient to have a dog to guard the premises. A simple bark or loud growl from a dog is enough to scare away some intruders.

7. Lock your garage

If an intruder doesn’t have access to your home, they’ll probably settle for what’s in your garage. Make a habit of securing and locking all garage doors, both exterior and interior.

Also consider having a garage door opener in your home rather than your car. This way they cannot extract it from your vehicle.

8. Upgrade your locks

If you are unhappy with the locking of your doors and windows, consider investing in high quality locks. Make sure the door has a deadbolt and the hinges and frames are strong. This is to make forcible entry into the house much more difficult for burglars. Upgrading to smart locks is also a great option.

9. Get to know your neighbors

Being nice and friendly to your neighbors is not only good for your social life, but can also help you become safer in your home. When you know your neighbors, they can keep an eye on your home and property, and you, in turn, can help keep tabs on theirs.

Plus, in addition to getting along with your neighbors, you can join the local neighborhood watch. It’s a great way to improve and increase the security of your property.

What are the security measures to keep your family safe during a burglary?

Besides the tips above, there are other ways to keep your home safe and secure, especially for your family. Here are additional security measures you can take that are primarily aimed at keeping you and your family safe during a break-in:

  • Secure rooms – A good way to protect your family when intruders break into your home is to have a secure room that you can use. If you don’t have that kind of space in your home, get your family together in one room and barricade the doors with heavy furniture until help arrives.
  • Evacuation plan – Make a solid plan with your family. Talk about what you will do in the event of a break-in. Plan escape routes and think of ways to defend yourself.
  • self defense tools – If possible, avoid confronting the thief. However, if this is unavoidable, make sure you have a tool you can use to protect yourself, such as pepper spray or a taser.
  • To call for help – During a break-in, calling the police should be one of your top priorities. Make sure your cell phone is with you at all times. When making the call, stay calm and convey all essential details as clearly as possible.


No homeowner wants to be the victim of a home invasion or break-in. Implementing the tips provided in this article can help deter and prevent invaders from entering your property.

As we have seen, there are different ways to strengthen the security of your home. Some won’t even cost you anything – just extra care and diligence each day, which could become part of your daily routine in the long run. Others cost a little money but are only a fraction of what a burglar can steal from you.

Home security doesn’t have to be a chore. This should be a priority if you want peace of mind knowing that you have done what is necessary to keep your family safe.

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