A bit boy sends a letter to his daddy in heaven and the submit workplace sends him a candy reply


A little boy sends a letter to his daddy in heaven and the post office sends him a sweet reply

12.06.2023 12:25

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When a loved one dies, children feel and show their grief in different ways. How children cope with loss depends on factors such as their age, their closeness to the deceased, and the support they receive. This UK postal operator knew exactly how to react when a child sent a letter to heaven to his deceased dad. A response that the mother described as comforting and which made the web speak well!


Seven-year-old Jase lost his father four years ago. This year, he wanted to send a birthday card to his father, but he realized he would need help delivering it. On the envelope, the little one wrote: Mr. Postman, can you take this to heaven for my dad’s birthday. THANKS.

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To his surprise the family received a reply from the postal operator Royal Mail, who sent a letter to inform the little boy of the journey of his letter.

The letter was signed Sean Milligan, Assistant Delivery Office Manager

“Dear Jas,

Upon delivery of your letter, we became aware of some concerns. We managed to send your letter to your father in heaven. It was a tough challenge as you had to dodge the stars and all the other galactic objects on the way before you get to heaven. But rest assured, the mail has been delivered. Royal Mail’s priority is to ensure that our customers’ mail is delivered safely.  »

Grateful, the mother did not hesitate to share the letter on Facebook to thank Royal Mail for the generous gesture which comforted her son.

It is important for a family who has lost a loved one to be able to overcome their grief and regain their ability to live with joy and determination while honoring the memory of the deceased. So how do you support the little ones to make this transition a success?

Here are some tips parents can use to help a child who has lost a loved one:

Give your child time to heal from the loss: Grieving is a process that fades over time. Make sure you have ongoing conversations to see how your child is feeling and doing. Healing does not mean forgetting the loved one. It means remembering the loved one and letting loving memories spark good feelings that sustain us as we continue to enjoy life.

Help your child feel better: Provide the comfort your child needs, but don’t dwell on sad feelings. After a few minutes of talking and listening, move on to an activity or topic that will help your child feel better. Playing, making art, cooking or dating.

Respond to emotions with comfort and reassurance : Notice if your child seems sad, worried or upset in some other way. Explore her feelings and listen to them. Tell your child that it takes time to feel better after the death of a loved one. Some children may have temporary difficulty concentrating or sleeping, or feel scared or worried.

Help your child remember the person : Encourage your child to draw or write their loved one’s favorite stories. Do not avoid mentioning the person who died. Remembering and sharing good memories helps to grieve and activate positive feelings.

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Turn emotions into words : Encourage children to say what they think and feel. Talking about your own feelings helps children become aware of their feelings and feel comfortable with themselves. Say things like, « I know you’re feeling very sad. I’m sad too. We both loved Dad very much and he loved us too. »

Life after the loss of a loved one deserves to be lived with grace and joy!

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