A Lyon metro driver has to cope with a cat sitting on the tracks refusing to maneuver


A metro driver from Lyon in the Rhône shared a video of his unusual encounter with a small feline. The animal, rather stubborn, was quietly on the rails and categorically refused to move. The scene took place on October 25 and went viral on social media.

It’s a pretty amazing video shared by the user @metrogone, an employee of Transports en commun lyonnais (TCL), on October 27 on his Twitter account. While driving his metro train on line C, around 6:30 a.m., he was about to reach the Cuer station when he noticed a cat. The little feline was right in the middle of the lane.

The driver explained: « Minou never wanted to leave, too well installed on his rail ».

On the video below, we can see how the cat walks quietly on the rails. Then we see him simply sit down, facing the metro train.

The surprised employee obviously slowed down and gave him headlight calls as he explained on Twitter: « I started at 3-4 km/h, this trickster left at the last moment! He stays there and stretches the trains on Bake, he must have fun scaring himself. »

This is not the first time that the animal has been surprised near the tracks and seems very interested in the area. Drivers know this and pay attention. It could also be that the cat belongs to neighbors.

Hopefully the video will allow them to recognize him because the adventurous little cat leads a very dangerous life!

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