A motivational playlist to gasoline your morning exercise


You don’t have to read much about fitness before you inevitably start hearing about the magic of morning workouts. I adopted this idea several times. I love starting my day with exercise and I really feel like it sets the tone for the whole day. Part of that is because my sweat hour is usually the only « me time » I have these days. Another reason is that it generally puts me in a good mood (gets those endorphins pumping, right?), which means I face all the challenges of the day with a clearer head and (hopefully le) a calmer attitude.

That said, morning workouts often feel like eating kale. We know it’s good for us, but it seems so hard sometimes. Over the years I have learned that preparation is the key to success. In my stuff bag: put away my clothes, my sneakers and my headphones the night before so that I can dress in the dark without thinking. Go to bed early (duh). Avoiding social media and emails until after my workout. And make sure I have a killer playlist queued up.

That’s the idea behind this week’s lineup. The tracks on this list are all upbeat and have fast tempos, but still have just enough chill to get you started in the day. I don’t need DJ horn sounds at six in the morning, but I still need enough rhythm to motivate me to move (and not just relax in a child’s pose for five minutes, what happened). On this list, you’ll find remixes by Ed Sheeran and Anderson .Paak, as well as go-to favorites, like Justin Bieber’s « Sorry » and Calvin Harris’ « Slide. » As with the other playlists I’ve created, there’s a rough order for this one (a few songs up front to make it easier for you), but you should feel free to hop on as you see fit. Check out the playlist on Spotify below or keep scrolling for the full list of tracks. Stand up and get to them, people!


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