A stranger provides a sum of cash to a pregnant girl who will change her life after asking the identify of her future son


After a Waffle House waitress serves a customer, her life changes. The client learned that she was pregnant and expecting a son named Samuel. This first name was meaningful for the man, and it prompted him to do something.

In Stockbridge, Georgia, a young mother received an unexpected act of kindness in 2020. When Bishop Eusebio Phelps visited a Waffle House, neither he nor waitress Hannah Hill knew what was about to happen.

The woman served him, and after a brief conversation, he gave her some extra money because he had learned that she was pregnant. The head of the church was touched by the behavior of the waitress, and asked her about the baby.


Phelps’ decision to purchase an All-Star meal with extra bacon allowed him to learn more about Hill. She told him that she was eight months pregnant, and that she planned to name her son Samuel.

Immediately, the name caught Phelps’ attention. Unbeknownst to Hill, his client has become invested in his story. The reason is that Phelps had lost his own son seven years earlier.


Her son’s name was Samuel, which made him feel connected to the waitress. He had gone home, and told his wife of his meeting with Hill.

They decided to collect money for her and the upcoming baby. Initially, they wanted to raise $1,000, but many people stepped up to help Hill after the story surfaced online.


The waitress was overwhelmed with generosity. Hill explained, « I had fallen asleep in the car and my mother-in-law called to tell me that I had to go to the Waffle House immediately. » When she arrived at the restaurant, she was told handed over a check.

It was nearly $12,000! She was left speechless. This kind gesture changed her life, and she recounted:

« Lately I’ve been praying just because I was stressed. I was like, ‘I want a place to live before the baby comes.’


The money helped ease Hill’s stress, and gave her the safety net she needed before welcoming her newborn baby. Phelps’ church, New Faith Christian Church, also said it would cover the baby’s expenses for an entire year.

Phelps simply expressed, « She was so sweet and lovely. She’s a real little angel. And that touched my heart. And I feel like the Lord really allowed our paths to cross. »


Thanks to this cash donation, the waitress was able to buy a car and find a place to stay for her family. The extraordinary meeting between the two strangers also affected Internet users.

One netizen wrote, « Wow Pastor. You are an amazing man of God. » For Hill, this chance meeting changed her life, and she remains extremely grateful for this kindness.

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