a vaccine in tablet type being examined


A swallow pill treatment will be tested on humans in Israel. And this new project could be a game-changer in the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

A promising project that could well delight the most cautious in the face of bites …

« A revolution for the whole world »

« If we can immunize people with a single pill, it will be a revolution for the whole world« , already dreamNadav kidron, the CEO of Oramed Pharmaceuticals who co-founded biotech.

For this first test phase, twenty-four unvaccinated volunteers will have to ingest a pill supposed to immunize them against Covid-19. One dose for the first half of the group, two for the other half. Initially, the study will make it possible to check the level of antibodies produced and the safety of the vaccine. The next phase, if the first trials prove to be successful, will then involve a larger number of participants.

This vaccine in pill form would be easier to keep (it does not need to be stored at low temperature) and would allow much faster distribution, especially for emerging countries where vaccination is struggling to take off.

A vaccine more resistant to variants

In addition to these logistical advantages, the treatment « should be much more resistant to Covid-19 variants« , assures the CEO. Because this vaccine, already called Oravax, targets three structural proteins of the coronavirus, compared to only one for vaccines such as Pfizer or Moderna.

Thereby, « our vaccine should be much better at responding to future mutations of the virus (…) If a variant manages to bypass the first line of defense, there will be a second and then a third « , explains Nadav Kidron.

Then is it soon the end of bites to protect yourself from Covid-19? The treatment has already proven its effectiveness after tests on animals, it remains to be seen what is in humans.

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