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The hearing aid market is very large with a myriad of brands, formats (behind-the-ear, micro-behind or in-the-ear), channels, hearing performance and features specific to each product (rechargeable devices, connected, noise reduction, anti-tinnitus, anti-feedback, invisible, etc.). Added to this is the fact that the technologies offered are constantly being improved to better adapt to users with hearing loss, which makes the choice even trickier. To help you find your way around, we are going to introduce you to Signia (Siemens), one of the leaders in the hearing aid market.

What types of hearing aids are there at Signia?

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Several criteria are to be considered when you have to be fitted. In your hearing center, you will therefore have to define your budget, your lifestyle, your preferences in terms of aesthetics, discretion and comfort, the features you will need, the size and shape of your conduits. However, the most important criterion remains the nature and severity of your hearing loss. Indeed, this generally conditions the type of device to be preferred.

However, the Signia brand offers different models that can adapt to your needs. If you decide to get a Signia hearing aid, you can opt for:
-The model Purea RIC behind-the-ear microphone for users with mild to severe hearing loss
Insiointra-auricular, to compensate for mild to moderate hearing loss
Silka deep-in-the-ear (or invisible) model for mild to moderate hearing loss
Motiona BTE BTE for severe to profound hearing loss
-And finally the in-ear model Active Pro to cope with mild to moderate hearing loss.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the products offered by this brand?

The benefits of the Signia brand

Well established in the field of medical imaging and hearing aids, Signia-Siemens is still at the cutting edge of technology and keeps its products up-to-date with numerous features that give them superior quality and a solid place in the hearing market.

Thus, in addition to offering a wide range of products, Signia offers devices that are mostly rechargeable thanks to a state-of-the-art battery, as well as the Signia Xperience platform equipped with innovative motion sensors. In particular, this improves the user experience during conversations, allowing them to participate more actively and rediscover the pleasure of exchanging with their loved ones.

More recently, the brand has improved the connectivity of certain hearing aids. They can thus connect to your smartphone iOS or Android for easier and convenient use. Thanks to an application, you will be able to adjust your hearing aid remotely. The patient can thus receive his calls directly in his hearing aid and listen to his music or his videos thanks to his telephone.

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Any negative aspects to note?

You will have understood: Signia is at the cutting edge of technology and provides reliable performance as well as a certain comfort of use. Most models are also very discreet and aesthetic. However, quality has a price. Fortunately, those displayed by Signia do not necessarily exceed those of other players in the sector. So, compare the quotes offered by your hearing center and check the reimbursements you will be able to benefit from. Since the adoption of the 100% Health reform, hearing-impaired patients can also request a quote including hearing aids that will be fully covered by health insurance and their mutual.

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