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Most of you already know that turmeric is an herb and spice with incredible medicinal benefits, including skin lightening properties that help reverse the effects of hyperpigmentation.

Curcumin, a major component of turmeric, has many other benefits, including antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The use of this spice in India for the beauty of the skin is very popular.

Check out the step-by-step instructions for making your own turmeric mask for rejuvenated, blemish-free skin.

Curcumin is effective in treating burns, soothing skin irritation, and relieving the pain of sunburn. Curcumin also plays a role in the wound healing process and has even been studied for its effects on skin cancer.

Turmeric mask for healthy skin

The following turmeric base mask is very easy to perform, it reduces redness and acts as an exfoliating and moisturizing cream. It also gives the skin a clean and crisp look with a luminous touch. It is also effective thanks to the other natural ingredients included in this face mask such as yogurt and honey.

Why is honey good for the skin?

Honey is excellent for the skin due to its powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps eliminate acne pimples and reduce blemishes. These components are known for their ability to destroy free radicals that damage the skin and remove toxins.

The benefits of yogurt or milk for the skin

Many use expensive lotions that contain lactic acid to soften dry skin, but you can use natural foods that contain it as well, such as plain yogurt. It is a natural source of lactic acid that helps cleanse and brighten the skin without drying it out.

Turmeric mask for facial skin

There are many variations of this recipe, but the following is the best. You can add mashed chickpeas to thicken the dough or add other ingredients you prefer that are good for the skin.


1 teaspoon of plain yogurt or milk

1 teaspoon of turmeric


Place the turmeric in a small bowl. Add honey and yogurt or milk. You can adjust the amount of milk to adjust the thickness of the turmeric mask, but make sure the paste is smooth and can adhere well to your face.

Prepare your face

You should wash your face with water and remove all makeup. If your hair might get in the way while applying the mask, you should tie it up.

Apply the mask

Apply the mask all over the face, especially under the eyes to reduce dark circles under the eyes.

After the mask is applied, allow it to dry on your face for about 20 minutes. Gently dry your face with a clean towel.

Apply the mask after a few days or every week.

You can keep it for several days in the refrigerator for reuse. Just add milk or yogurt to soften the dough before using.

Optional ingredients to add to the basic turmeric mask recipe

It is possible to add ingredients to your mask. For example, here are some common additional ingredients that can be added to your mask:

Lemon juice:

It contains vitamin C and citric acid which eliminates excess sebum and disinfects. It also serves as an exfoliant, brightener, and tonic. It can dry out the skin. You will therefore need to use a moisturizer after application.

Tea tree oil:

If you are suffering from pimples or acne, a few drops of tea tree oil mask can help. It is also effective in reducing inflammation and removing excess sebum on the skin.

Olive oil or avocado oil:

Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of these oils to the base mixture if you have dry skin. These natural oils further nourish your skin, hydrate it and reduce the signs of aging by repairing damaged skin.

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