An efficient and simple trick to root rose cuttings and have them endlessly


Rose cuttings do not take root easily, but there are a few secrets that will allow you to achieve the desired result.

Try to root them by following this method, using plastic bottles and sand.

Cut cuttings about 20 cm in length. Peel off the excess leaves, leaving 2-3 leaves on each of them at the top.

Using a sharp sterilized cutter, make 2 oblique cuts in the lower part of the cuttings, as if you were sharpening the base (like the point of a pencil). This will further stimulate the cutting to develop roots.

Make holes in the bottom of the plastic bottles using another suitable tool. They will help remove excess water.

Put sand in the bottles. Insert the cuttings through the neck of the bottle and press them into the sand. A 5 liter bottle can hold about 4 cuttings.

Thoroughly wet the sand in the bottles with standing water.

Cover the bottles with their lids and close them tightly. Put them in a place where you can keep them for the duration of the rooting of the cuttings. It should be bright but protected from direct sunlight and strong drafts. You will thus have a kind of mini-greenhouse for your cuttings.

As the humidity in the bottles decreases (depending on weather conditions), add water, but do not overdo it. In 10 days, the cuttings will release their first new leaves.

And in a month, you can take them out of the bottles, cutting them first and checking the roots. If all the optimal conditions are met (temperature, light, timely watering), the rose cuttings will develop strong roots and can be planted in their final location.

Take advantage of this magic trick!

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