Are you content in your married life?


Test: Are you happy in your life as a couple?

08.06.2023 11:43

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She runs, she runs, lovesickness…” And as Michel Sardou so aptly puts it, lovesickness leaves no one unscathed, from the youngest to the oldest! When you’re in love and in a relationship, life isn’t always as beautiful as presented in mushy movies and relationships are sometimes complicated! Some days, we spin the perfect love and others, it’s panic on board! But as long as we feel overall happy and fulfilled, the little hassles of everyday life never tip our relationship to the dark side. What about your couple? Is it rather “follow me, I’m running away from you, run away from me, I’m following you”, “carnal and passionate love” or “yes, before we loved each other!” ?

To help you see more clearly, we offer you a test that will allow you to situate yourself! Do it and find out how you perceive this “most beautiful in the world” feeling. It’s time to find out if you are really happy as a couple!

What is love ?

This is a most philosophical question that requires a lifetime to get closer, perhaps, to the answer! Because love is a bottomless pit that conceals many mysteries and that everyone interprets in their own way.

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One thing is certain, it is that love takes different forms: the love of our loved ones, of our children, of our partner, etc. Love can be an immeasurable source of joy, but also of pain. It can make us want to surpass ourselves as well as self-destruct. Love is a risk worth taking! Those who do not venture there will never understand it!

Couple psychological test: are you happy in love?

First: what is love to you?

We are going to describe three different couple situations. All you have to do is choose one of them; the one that suits you best and that you think represents an ideal torque ratio. Which of these three scenarios do you think describes the happiest and most fulfilled couple: number 1, 2 or 3?

Couple number 1: the couple have breakfast at home, then everyone goes about their business. After work, the man goes to the gym, while the woman has coffee with her friends. The partners meet at home in the evening, talk about their days and plan a common activity to do together on the weekend.

In this case, loving someone does not mean losing individual independence. Each of the two partners needs their freedom, but obviously trying to involve their other half as much as possible. The couple must be introverted and each must try to solve their problems alone, without bothering the other.

Couple number 2: the couple does not let go of a sole: breakfast in bed, messages and video calls all day long… They do everything together! Registration for two at the gym, joint outing with friends, visit to parents. Two true inseparable!

Here, the couple is super romantic, it’s like that and not otherwise! The partners bend over backwards to please each other and have a hard time leaving each other, even for a few hours! They like to show off together and scream their love to anyone who wants to hear it!

Couple number 3: the two partners hardly see each other! Everyone has their own occupations, hobbies and working hours. However, when it comes to having each other’s support, the couple helps each other to move forward together.

This couple expresses their love differently. For them, love means helping each other and overcoming the challenges of living together. No other proof of love is worth this one!

Second: does your couple look like the one you have chosen?

If the answer is yes, it means that you are indeed happy and fulfilled in your little love nest! Congratulations ! Otherwise, your relationship as a couple may not be at its peak and the situation must change… It’s urgent! Review your priorities and discuss them with your spouse.

You don’t know it, but there are 8 signs that show that a romantic relationship is coming to an end:

  1. You can no longer solve your problems, together, because your partner makes no effort;
  2. There is deception in the air and no remorse;
  3. There is no more mutual respect between you;
  4. The parts of legs in the air are becoming more and more rare;
  5. One of you refuses to go to couples therapy;
  6. You want someone else;
  7. You argue all the time;
  8. You no longer see the future in the same way.

What not to accept in a couple?

In a couple, there are things that should never be accepted despite the love we have for each other. Physical or verbal abuse for example, lack of respect, manipulation… Here are several red lights that should not be ignored. Love and respect are the basis of a happy couple and you will never be one, pretending that everything is fine!

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Love makes you blind ! And sometimes we think we’re happy when we really aren’t! So, let’s not die sad, without knowing the true love that will make us smile, for real!

If you have frequent and sudden mood changes, a lack of interest in conversation and common activities… If you have no taste and tend to withdraw into yourself, ring the doorbell. alarm and do what is necessary for things to change!

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