Are your footwear hurting? Right here is grandma’s trick to make them extra snug!


There is no accessory more elegant and distinguished than the shoe! He defines our style according to his type! If we have to play sports, we can wear sneakers. If the evening is more chic, it is better to opt for a high or medium heel.

But, as we very well know, shoes can really torture our feet, especially if they are uncomfortable or even new!

But with a series of little tricks, we can make them a lot more comfortable, even if they hurt!

Grandma’s trick

My grandmother used this method when I told her my shoes hurt so much! It’s very simple but just as effective if the shoe is very tight!

Take a large sheet of paper (like the one on your shoes) and roll it up tight. Then take some alcohol and soak it! You can also use a spray bottle and spray to direct the solution as best you can.

Insert the wet paper inside the shoe, up to the toe, and push firmly. Let everything sit overnight.

When the alcohol evaporates, it helps the shoe to expand.


This method is a little more unusual!

There are some shoes that are initially very tight and it can be torture to put them on! For this method, you will need a simple freezer bag.

Very carefully, fill the bags with water, just enough to accommodate the shoe to be softened. Then seal and pour water into the shoe.

Then put them directly in the freezer! The water will change from a liquid state to a solid state and exert sufficient pressure to shape the shoe.

Wear them!

It sounds trivial and obvious, but it’s actually one of the best methods against uncomfortable shoes.

Generally speaking, shoes tend to conform to the shape of your foot. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they are.

We therefore recommend a little « exercise » which will be good for your shoes and your feet. Let’s say you are going to an important event and you are going to wear some recently purchased heels, but just looking at them you can feel blisters forming.

If you can, wear the shoe you’ve decided to wear every day for at least half an hour. It will be much more comfortable and less hostile at the time of the ceremony or event!


This remedy is unsuspected, but you can try it. The key concept is to keep the shoe moist, so that it does not “shrink”.

The trick is to use a potato, rich in starch, which helps keep the shoe wet, while absorbing hated odors!

But beware ! Wash labels are essential for the preservation and cleaning of the shoe. Do not abuse the humidity and make sure you can use it.


If your shoes hurt and you want to make them a bit more comfortable, the sock method is ideal.

Using them will create an extra layer on the sole of the foot, which will allow the shoe to better mold and stretch.

You don’t need a very thick sock, but a regular sock to allow you to make this change.

The hairdryer

Some people use heat to make their shoes more comfortable by using a hair dryer.

For this technique, you will need to keep your shoes on. Also put on socks, not too thick, both to protect your feet and to make it easier to stretch the shoe.

After getting ready, turn on the hair dryer, holding it about six inches from your feet. The heat produced will soften the shoe.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you always use quality shoes, you reduce the risk of foot injuries;
  • If you always use quality shoes, the risk of hurting your feet is reduced.
  • You can certainly find silica gel sachets at home, which absorb moisture and prevent the shoe from shrinking.
  • When possible, we can bend and twist the shoe slightly before putting it on.
  • Placing small plates around the toes can reduce friction with the surface of the shoe.


Always follow the production instructions for cleaning and maintaining the shoe. They are essential in order not to damage them.

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