At what age ought to kids be taught to take part in family chores?


Many children grow up without having participated in household chores and never learn basic things like cooking. However, these are things that will serve them all their lives! In addition, it gives them a certain form of autonomy very early on and teaches them a sense of responsibility. And in addition to giving them the feeling of being great and useful, it allows them to acquire certain skills and certain interpersonal skills: helping others, taking initiatives, being able to count on oneself, etc. Boys should also be taught to participate in all the chores of the house as soon as possible. After all, in a family, it is normal to share the tasks and for everyone to participate! However, you must make sure that your little one is able to perform these tasks without risk. Here’s a recap of household chores kids can do based on their age.

From one or two years old, children can:

– Help pick up their toys

From the age of three, children are able to:

-Clean dust off easily accessible shelves
-Help set the table (especially what does not break)
-Clear their plate
-Feed the animals
-Wipe the floor or the table for example when there is a stain

From the age of four, they can be asked to:

– Tidy up their room
-Put their dirty laundry in the dedicated basket
-Set the table without being afraid that there will be breakage
-Hang the coat on the coat rack

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From the age of five, possible household chores for children include:

– Help tidy up groceries
– Help make the bed

From the age of six, the possible household chores are:

-Make his bed
-Pass the broom around the house
-To store your schoolbag
-Water indoor plants
-To store clean laundry or dishes

Household chores for children from eight years old are:

-Help cook: cut food under supervision, make sandwiches, help bake cakes, etc.
– Bind clothes and linens
-Sort the laundry
-Clean your room and do the dishes

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From the age of nine, they can easily start:

– Vacuum the house
– Hang out clean laundry
-Change the sheets of their bed
-Prepare small, simple dishes
-Wash the sink and bathtub
-Help to maintain the garden

Finally, at eleven years old, we can ask them to:

-Maintain other rooms in the house than their bedroom
-Operate the washing machine and start machines
-Develop schedules and manage their pocket money
-Wash the car
-Take care of small DIY jobs (e.g. changing a light bulb) and help with simple DIY projects under supervision

Let us also remember that teaching children to do household chores as quickly as possible will help them to do them more naturally later on, without complaining. Enough to put an end to the endless fights to tidy up the room and help their parents on a daily basis! Everyone sticks together and thus participates in family life. Also, don’t forget that the ages given here are only indicative. Some children are more or less independent, and therefore more or less able to accomplish the various tasks. It is therefore up to you to adapt your requests according to this. The conclusion remains, however, that you have to trust them and let them try. You will be surprised at what they will be able to accomplish!

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