Superior ! Listed below are 8 meals you by no means thought to freeze


Freezing has many advantages, starting with the fact that it limits the waste of foodstuffs that could pass their deadline before you have been able to consume them or buy them in large quantities thanks to attractive promotions. This allows you to save money, but also to save time on the preparation of the meal. Finally, it makes it possible to eat foods out of season, especially with regard to fruits and vegetables. For faster, easier and more economical cooking, you can also completely freeze more unlikely foods that you would never have thought of! Discover them in the list below to slip into your freezer.

1) Eggs

What to do when you only use the yolks and there is no recipe for using the whites? Rather than throwing them in the sink or in the trash, freeze them in a flat freezer bag with as much air as possible removed, or in a silicone muffin or ice cube mold. Then, clearly indicate the date when you freeze them, because they will not keep no more than four months. Once this time has passed, the egg whites may be unusable.

You can also freeze whole eggs, but never in their shell, which could explode when thawed. Ideally, freeze them in pairs, always flat, making sure to whisk them lightly and briefly beforehand without emulsifying them too much to avoid the formation of bubbles. Remember the freezing date and the number of frozen eggs, however, to make thawing easier.

2) Bread among the amazing foods to freeze

freeze bread
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Didn’t manage to eat it all or bought more than usual? No problem, it is quite possible to freeze the bread to keep it for later. You just have to remember to keep it in a freezer bag to protect it from humidity. It can even be preserved in slices and directly toasted straight out of the freezer. Otherwise, for a baguette whole or cut into two or three pieces before freezing, you will have to pass the whole thing under water before put in the oven at 150°C to restore all its crispiness.

3) Pasta (pizza dough, shortcrust pastry, etc.)

Whether it’s because a meal plan falls through or because you have leftover pieces after making a quiche or pizza, it’s entirely possible to store dough in the freezer. pizza, puff pastry, shortcrust pastry or even cookie dough. To do this, it is enough to wrap it well subject to use it within four months. Allow about two hours to thaw a pre-rolled dough and half a day for a ball.

4) Milk among the unusual foods that can be frozen

It is not recommended to freeze cheese. However, when it comes to milk, you can go there with your eyes closed! Plus, you don’t even have to rack your brains during the freezing process. It suffices for this to keep it in its original container. Then, it can be left among frozen foods for a maximum of six months (two in the case of whole milk). The defrosting at room temperature should however be avoided for all frozen dairy products. Indeed, bacteria could develop there, which could be dangerous for your health. So, allow eight to ten hours of thawing in the fridge for your milk and stir it before use.

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