Beat the Warmth: Suggestions for Sleeping on Sizzling Summer time Nights


2. Sleep alone

« I sleep alone, with no one else. » I know that’s not exactly how George Thorogood’s song goes (it’s « I drink alone »), but poor George would probably rewrite his little ditty on a hot summer night when he was forced to monopolize the bed to get some sleep.

When you sleep alone, you can sleep without touching someone else’s limbs, which greatly reduces body heat in bed. You can also lie down, and sleeping in a spread eagle position, with your limbs askew, will reduce the body heat you produce and allow air to flow more fully around your sleeping form.

3. Let go

What do you usually wear to bed? Well, those flannel pajamas won’t cut it on a hot, humid summer night. Instead, stick to summer pajamas made of loose fabrics, like soft cotton.

Or, even if you’re shy, sleep naked if it helps you sweat less. However, many people swear by a layer of soft cotton to help wick sweat away from the body.

4. Relax

For a quick recovery method, focus the cool on your various pulse points i.e. radial artery (wrists), carotid artery (neck), femoral artery (groin), brachial artery (elbow) , the dorsal pedal artery (feet), the posterior tibial artery (ankles), and the popliteal arteries (directly behind the knees).

This means applying a cold compress or cold compresses directly to the areas that will cool the body the fastest. So, cool down some cold compresses before bed and be sure to apply behind the knees, back of the neck, ankles, groin, wrists and elbows before hitting the hay.

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