Newbie’s Information to Dwelling Gymnasium Gear


With the advent of the digital age and the more recent pandemic, there is a myriad of home gym equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goal, whatever it is. One item our experts advise you not to buy is the scale, as fitness should be built around feeling energized and healthy. Read on for a beginner’s guide to some essential home gym equipment that can take your workouts to the next level:

Jumping rope

You can’t fail with a quality jump rope to help build muscle endurance and cardio with full body jump workouts.

Stability ball

A stability ball is a great investment that can be used to build core strength and overall muscle tone through one-sided training.

Full size resistance band

Many fitness experts recommend getting a bunch of resistance bands, which are extremely versatile for all kinds of routines.

Mini resistance band

Mini resistance bands are great because they can be used in your warm-ups and for performing basic activation exercises like shells and side steps.

Kettlebell weight set

Kettlebells are another useful piece of equipment if you’re looking to translate workouts you normally do at the gym, at home. This allows you to do serious workouts that are gentle on your joints.

Plyo box

Investing in a plio box is a safer and more practical option than using your stairs for your workouts. It also works great for leg and glute exercises like step-ups, calf raises, etc.

Combat rope

One of the most effective ways to combine cardio work and muscle building is to use a combat rope. These short workouts are ideal for those with access to a bit of outdoor space.

Adjustable dumbbells

Since dumbbells can rarely be turned over, you can instead get adjustable dumbbells that can be used with several different weight settings, some even having the function of being combined into a barbell.

Pilates ring

Pilates is another smart choice for those who are at home. A simple Pilates ring can elevate your workouts by helping you develop upper body stability and core strength.

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