Advantages of yoga for males


Increased libido

If you are looking for a little more workout in the bedroom, then turn to the ancient practice of yoga, suggest Cloud. The source notes that many of the early practitioners of yoga in India had great… er… love lives.

The particular poses described by CloudNine apparently help release an energy “block” that can decrease your libido. Not only will your flexibility and stamina improve, but these particular poses could also help with erectile dysfunction.

Better endurance

Have you ever watched a marathon and wondered how the hell someone can run 21 miles without stopping, or marveled at how some guys seem to be out of step after a day at a job physically? demanding ? One of the keys is proper breathing, which you will learn when you adopt yoga.

Men’s Fitness notes that Hatha yoga uses «  nasal breathing at the back of the throat called ujayi pranayama ”, which literally translates to“ victorious warrior’s breath ”. It can help increase your lung capacity and deliver more oxygen to the blood, pushing you through obstacles that you might not have thought of before.

It’s a healthy downtime

These days, we equate the amount of things we do with our self-esteem. This is often the case with male fitness, where the guiding principle is that if you aren’t lifting your own weight, you just aren’t doing it right.

However, Muscle & Fitness emphasizes that yoga « gives us the opportunity to take a break from the noise of our lives and refine our inner focus. » The end goal of yoga is to nourish you and give you a « time out » from the constant bombardment of our senses, he adds.

Jeff hayward

Jeff hayward

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