Bride in wheelchair surprises groom strolling to altar throughout ceremony


All couples want to look perfect for their wedding. Many spend thousands of euros on the event and surprises are often on the menu. This paralyzed young bride made a magnificent surprise to her husband and the scene moved her relatives and Internet users.

Disability, Chelsie Hill knows what it is on a daily basis. This 29-year-old young woman has been suffering from paralysis in her legs since 2010. She faces this and actively advocates for the rights of people with disabilities on social media and through her wheelchair dance team in Los Angeles.

She was looking forward to her wedding day and it is now done. The photos are beautiful and she reserved a sublime surprise for her darling: she walked to the altar, with no one to help her!

Chelsie and Jay had a very nice ceremony, they were beautiful and the decor was fantastic. But the highlight of the show was when the young woman joined her fiance in front of the altar, leaving her wheelchair.

With her braces and a walker, she walked up to him next to her daddy and when he turned around her surprise was complete as she told Insider.

« His jaw dropped (…) He was in shock because he didn’t know I could walk […] I just felt like the whole time our souls were locked into each other. I didn’t see anyone else around me. I only saw him. « 

She obviously resumed her chair for the rest of the wedding except for the first dance, which she performed with her husband with his braces. A strong woman who continues to inspire us!

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