Damaged key caught within the lock: the trick to take away it


It can happen to anyone: you come home after a long day of work, dreaming of laying down on the couch and unwinding in the warmth. Only here, you do not know your strength and your ardor when opening the door pushed the key to break and to remain lodged in a stubborn way in the lock. However, we are not all experts in lock picking! Here’s how to solve this thorny problem of a key stuck in the lock.

The steps to follow when the key is stuck in the lock:

1) Buy a tube of glue at the nearest store (if it’s two in the morning, it won’t be possible!).

2) Put a drop of glue on the piece of key you have.

3) Quickly glue your piece to the one left in the lock and wait a minute for the glue to set, thus reforming the key. (Be careful, the glue must not flow into the lock otherwise it will be ruined).

4) Pull the key! It will come on like new without the need for locksmith assistance.

Can’t buy glue? Tweezers or flat pliers borrowed from the neighbor’s toolbox can also help to remove said key.

A tip with a needle and tweezers:

How to avoid this problem of keys in the future?

With cold, wear or rust, both the lock and the key can be damaged. The key then becomes difficult to remove and turn. Put special lock oil or anti-seize spray (also called mechanical lubricant) in a difficult lock to prevent any opening problems. If the front door lock is often seized up, do not hesitate to change the lock cylinder (or barrel). So, no need to troubleshoot it all the time!

And if nothing helps, call a locksmith. This will remain your last option to unlock the door. Do not hesitate to consult the opinions of the convenience store to make sure of its seriousness or to inquire around you. Your home insurance emergency number can also direct you to a licensed professional. Faced with the distress of people and the urgency in the event of a blocked door, some professionals are indeed unscrupulous and inflate prices. Don’t get scammed: a slammed or blocked door is not worth €2000 intervention and a good locksmith does not need to completely dismantle your door, drill the cylinder or change half of the parts to open it… Ask them prices charged before any intervention on your blocked lock and keep the estimate, the invoice and the parts changed by the professional locksmith.

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