Can an influence strip be plugged into an extension wire?


Connecting a power strip to an extension cord is very practical.

However, it is true that it can be useful.

And that’s what I wanted to do the other day to connect several devices.

But when my husband who is an electrician saw my installation…

He immediately asked me to remove the power strip from the extension cord.

He explained to me that it was dangerous. Here’s why :

Can a power strip be plugged into an extension cord?

A white extension cord plugged into a power strip

From a strict technical point of viewyou are going to tell me that it is quite possible to connect a power strip to the extension cord.

And you are right.

Simply plug the power strip into the extension cord. Child’s play !

But wait, I haven’t told you everything yet…

Yes, just because it’s easy to do… doesn’t mean you have to do it!

On the contrary…

You wonder why? Here is the answer :

Why is it dangerous to plug a power strip into an extension cord?

A power strip with several connections

Because this type of branching is called a cascade branching.

What’s this a cascade connection ?

It is quite simply when one plug is connected to another plug.

The problem is that each power strip is designed to support a certain power.

If several devices are plugged into a single power strip, the power of these devices adds up.

It accumulates and exceeds the recommended charge.

There is therefore a real risk of electrical overload.

As a result, the wire before the socket can start to heat up.

And unfortunately, it can then catch fire.

Avoid plugging a power strip into an extension cord

Power strip plugged into an extension cord

It is therefore important to use extension cords and multiple sockets correctly.

And that involves do not plug a power strip into an extension cord.

And this is true whether it is a simple extension cord or an extension cord with multiple socket.

This precaution guarantees the correct operation of your appliances and limits the risk of fire.

To respect the safety instructions, it is necessary to check the maximum power that it can support.

And it should not be exceeded by connecting too many electrical devices to it.

In general, this is written on the power cable.

How to avoid the risk of fire due to a power strip or an extension cord?

A long reference writing about a power strip

– First of all, to avoid any risk, you must first obtain power strip and extension cords of good quality.

– Even if it is very practical to plug in the electric plates, the garland of the fir tree, the raclette grill and a lamp at the same time… on an extension cord with a power strip. Don’t! It’s dangerous. Do not connect them with each other, in a row. You just don’t have to extend a power strip by plugging it into an extension cord.

– Next, avoid plugging too many power strips into the wall outlets at the same time. Your electrical installation may not be designed for this. And you risk breaking everything!

– Finally, in all cases, it is formally not recommended to connect powerful devices to a power strip. Fridge, plates and especially radiators… Forget! So, you wonder what good is a power strip if you can’t plug anything into it? It’s simple.

Reserve the use of power strips for small devices such as mobile chargers, a coffee maker, a screen, etc.

Electrician’s word!

Don’t forget that according to the National Observatory for Electrical Safety, there are 240,000 declarations of home fires in France with insurance companies.

And 20 to 35% of these fires have a electrical source. So be very careful.

Your turn…

And you, do you have a power strip plugged into an extension cord at home? And if so, will you continue to keep it? Tell us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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