Can We Wash Tea Towels And Towels Collectively?


Dishcloths and napkins should not be mixed up, our grandmothers say.

As always, our grandmothers were right.

Even for machine cleaning.

Here’s why dishcloths and towels shouldn’t be washed together. Explanations:

Because we don’t mix white and colors

The simplest, and this is a basic rule…

NEVER mix white linen and colored linen.

So if you have a nice white towel and a nice red tea towel…

The two are not going to mix well in your washing machine.

You see what I mean ?

Your bath towel can come out with a pretty faded pink color.

A great laundry classic that has rubbed off!

Because they don’t have the same material

You probably didn’t miss it…

Bath towels and tea towels are not made the same matter.

They therefore do not have the same needs when it comes to washing them.

Especially in terms of the washing temperature.

Dishcloths are usually made of cotton. They need to be washed at least 60° to be flawless.

White terry towels can be washed at 60°, although this is not necessarily essential.

For those who are washed once a week, a wash at 40° may suffice.

It’s faster and more economical!

On the other hand, if you have colored towels…

So it is best to wash them at 40° so that they keep their beautiful bright colors.

Because tea towels are much dirtier than towels

As you know, tea towels get dirty at breakneck speed!

And that’s completely normal given the use we make of it.

Stains of grease, tomato sauce… They see all the colors.

To get them back, it is sometimes necessary to have recourse to a very sturdy program!

In other words, pre-wash + wash at 90°C to remove stubborn stains.

In general, this is not necessary with towels, which are less soiled.

On the contrary, it can even damage them.

That being said, there are plenty of cases where you can wash everything together.

In which cases can tea towels and towels be washed together?

tea towels and light towels in a washing machine

Now that you know the basic rules, let’s see in which cases they can be washed together.

It’s actually quite simple. Two conditions must be met:

If your tea towels and napkins are white or light-colored and if their degree of dirt is identical…

So, we avoid headaches and shoo! We put everything in the machine with a 60° program.

And we only do one wash. And we save time.

But be careful, we avoid adding fabric softener.

Because contrary to what one might think, it ends up removing the softness of the towels.

And this decreases their absorbency.

And of course, this goes for bathrobes, hand towels and bathrobes.

Your turn…

And you, do you mix tea towels and napkins in the washing machine? Tell us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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