Can You Eat a Blackened Avocado (Secure)?


Me, it makes me moan to throw them away…

So I asked a cook friend if we could eating a blackened avocado without danger to his health.

And imagine that the answer is not so simple. And we must distinguish several scenarios.

Here’s when you can eat a blackened avocado… or not! Look :

1. The avocado darkened on contact with the air

avocado that has blackened on a yellow background

This is the kind of thing that happened to me all the time…

We prepare a good and beautiful avocado in advance.

And at the time of eating it, we notice thatit blackened inside.

Does that mean it’s already rotten?

If it’s darkened after opening it, don’t panic. This is completely normal.

For what ? Because it is a fruit very rich in iron.

As soon as the flesh comes into contact with the air, it oxidizes.

But it remains good and full of nutritional qualities.

It is completely edible. It can therefore be eaten without any risk.

And the good news is that it can be prevented from turning black with this simple trick.

Since using it, I no longer have a problem with blackened avocado.

Be aware that you can also use water to prevent it from turning black.

2. The avocado has a small black spot

avocado with black spots

What a desappointment !

There’s a black speck in your avocado when you open it… Can you eat it?

To find out, you have to observe it carefully.

Is the stain localized? Is it close to the core or not?

If the damaged part of the avocado is away from the core and what she does less than 10% from the pulpit…

So there is no problem eating it.

Just remove the black part.

Another scenario, it has lots of small black dots.

Nothing serious there either.

Try scooping them out with a small spoon.

And eat what’s left.

For example, you can make a very good guacamole with it or a fried chicken with avocado cream.

But where do these little black spots come from, you ask me?

Probably transport or storage conditions.

It may have been stored at too low a temperature… Or it received a blow during transport.

3. The avocado has a big black spot around the pit.

Overripe avocado

You open your fruit, you remove the core and what do you see?

There is a big black spot all around the core on both sides of the lawyer.

Not only is the black spot extensive, but it is also deep.

So, let me tell you something…

Unfortunately, in this case, it is lost. Better throw it away.

Or if you can, put it in your compost.

Indeed, it is very likely that your lawyer will be very overripe.

Or that it was transported or stored in poor conditions…

In any case, its taste is likely to be bitter and it can even be stringy.

Its smell can even be pungent and unpleasant.

But that’s not all.

It has also lost a very large part of its nutritional qualities.

So why eat it?

But if your avocado is simply too ripe, there’s nothing stopping you from removing the black parts and making one of these recipes with it.

Your turn…

And do you eat a blackened avocado? Tell us in the comments what you do with it. We can’t wait to read you!

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