Are you able to eat expired yogurt? Till when is it good?


Have you just found expired yogurts forgotten at the bottom of the fridge and wondering if you can still eat them? Indeed, it is well known that some expired foods can still be eaten, sometimes even long after the use-by date (DLC) or the best-before date (DLUO or “minimum durability date” (DDM) today). And you probably know it, but yogurts are no exception to this rule. It is therefore indeed possible to eat yogurt after the expiry date, but until when is it still good? We will see, all these dairy products are not housed in the same boat. So, to avoid an increased risk of bacterial contamination and gastrointestinal infection, follow these few recommendations!

Eating expired yogurt, yes, but until when?

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Typically, manufacturers set their deadlines within 30 days of production. However, if the case of yogurt is so special, it is above all because, as ANSES reminds us, this food  » does not present a high level of microbiological risk […]. It is an acid medium, containing large quantities of ferments, in which the pathogenic germs develop with difficulty. « These acids are therefore the reason why whether it is plain yogurt, fruit yogurt, flavored yogurt or sweetened yogurt, we can completely afford to go beyond the date safe and safe for our health.

Better still, by looking into the subject for 60 Million Consumers and by analyzing sixty yogurts from the supermarket, experts have estimated that far from being unfit for consumption, these expired products could keep for three weeks after the date on the seal. As the survey explains: we conducted our analyzes in four stages: use-by date, use-by date + 1 week, use-by date + 2 weeks, use-by date + 3 weeks. […] They took into account two markers of freshness: bacterial flora and pH (acidity index) « . This led to the conclusion thatno pathogenic strain was not found in these yogurts and that their quality was not affected. Good news for reducing food waste!

However, a few details…

Note that your yoghurts will only be good if you have correctly respected the cold chain. For this, the product should be stored in the refrigerator between 0 and 6°C. In addition, it is still advisable to follow the deadline indications and not to hang around. In fact, the longer you wait to eat it, the more yoghurt taste may change and sour. Also, if the product is opened, the packaging will no longer be airtight. You will therefore have to close the yogurt well and consume it within a week. Finally, it should be noted that this is only valid for yogurts. It therefore does not concern not all dairy products, and in particular dairy desserts (danettes, etc.). ANSES therefore recommends scrupulously respecting the dates of these products here so as not to take any risks.

How do you know if expired yogurt is still good?

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To be on the safe side, you can also inspect the packaging and rely on your senses to detect bad bacteria. A few small visual, taste or olfactory cues must indeed formally dissuade you from eating an outdated yogurt:

-If the packaging seems damaged or warped and in case of a swollen seal
-When the yogurt is lumpy and not homogeneous or with an abnormal color
-If you see mold
-In case of unpleasant odor or too marked acidity in the mouth that stings the taste buds
-If you experience intestinal disorders as well as symptoms of indigestion or food poisoning (in this case, do not force yourself to consume the rest of the batch).

What to do with expired yogurt? Tips abound!

Like expired milk, outdated yogurt can be used for many tricks, both in the kitchen, in gourmet recipes, and on a daily basis through beauty or household uses. Find these unusual uses for your yogurts right here.

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