Can You Actually Sleep With Your Canine In The Mattress? My Vet’s Opinion.


Sleep with your dog, in your bed…

Have you ever thought about it? Maybe yes…

But is it really a good idea?

I have two (adorable) dogs at home.

And I confess that I never let me sleep in my bed.

But a friend told me that there are plenty of advantages to doing it.

So I asked my vet what she thought.

And I wasn’t expecting his answer! Explanations:

Sleeping with your dog improves sleep

According to her, scientists have looked into the matter.

Indeed, in 2018, two researchers from Canisius University wanted to know what is the impact on sleep when you sleep with your dog.

Their findings are astonishing.

They have shown that sleeping with your dog improves the quality of sleep.

People sleep better and more soundly.

But that’s not all…

The study shows that their sleep is even less disturbed than when they sleep with another person!

Sleeping with your dog reduces stress

Do you know about endorphins and oxytocins?

These are hormones that the body produces naturally.

Oxytocin is also called the love hormone.

They are associated with a state of well-being and they fight against stress.

They cause cortisol (the stress-related hormone) levels to drop.

We feel happier, less stressed and anxious.

And you feel less pain or fatigue.

We produce it when we play sports or when we are with people we like.

Well, know that sleeping with your doggie can promote the production of these hormones.

Hence a drop in your stress level!

Sleeping with your dog soothes you in case of depression

It is probably for this reason that the presence of your hairball soothes you.

Especially if you are sad or suffering from depression.

Your pooch doesn’t play with feelings.

His attachment is unconditional and sincere.

And we can confide everything to him without fear of being judged, right?

This closeness is very positive, especially when you feel fragile.

And falling asleep with your animal strengthens it.

Sleeping with your dog puts you in a good mood

Another study dating from 2015 carried out by the American institute Mayo Clinic goes in the same direction.

150 people were interviewed. And for 40% of them, there is no doubt.

Sleeping with your dog not only improves their sleep…

But it goes even further.

Because these people also see positive effects on their health and mood.

Sleeping with your dog warms you up

From a more practical point of view, your hairball can warm you up in bed.

It is just as effective as a good hot water bottle.

If you are cold at night, it is very comfortable.

It is all the more interesting if we look for whether we lower the heating at night.

This is a good trick to ply reduce energy consumption and bring down the electricity bill.

Sleeping with your dog soothes… your dog!

As you probably know, the dog is a very sociable animal.

He feels emotions, just like human beings.

They too are good when they are close to their beloved master or mistress!

This reassures and calms them. They feel safe and their stress decreases.

An even closer bond is woven when a dog sleeps with its owner.

But you still have to admit it…

There are still not only advantages to sleeping with your dog in your bed.

Sleeping with your dog is unhygienic

One of the first drawbacks that comes to mind is hygiene.

Dogs are not always very clean.

It is the least we can say…

They can bring in dirt from outside.

They also lose their hair. And there, hello allergies.

And of course they can have fleas or ticks.

They can also be carriers of diseases that are transmitted to humans (zoonoses): scabies, ringworm, leishmaniasis, Lyme disease…

If a dog shares the bed of his master or mistress he must be clean, wormed and vaccinated.

When should you not sleep with your dog?

But in some cases, it is definitely not recommended:

– if you or your partner are allergic

– if you or your partner have asthma

– if you or your partner are seriously ill or immunocompromised

– if your partner does not agree!

– Know that he does not let a child sleep alone with a dog. There is a risk of suffocation if the child is very small. And he can also have a clumsy gesture and hurt the dog. He can then have the reflex to bite.

Watch out for the jealous dog!

A dog that shares a bed with someone can be very protective and possessive…

Even a little too much!

I have already heard people say that their dog growled at their partners who came to venture into their bed!

These doggies can therefore become jealous and aggressive towards the partner of its owner.

They may no longer understand what their hierarchical status is.

The bed can be considered a « sacred » space because it is where the master or mistress sleeps.

If a dog has access to this privileged space, he may believe that he himself becomes the leader of the pack.

But it all depends on the character of the dog and his education!

Sleeping with some dogs is not restful (at all)!

When my dogs sleep soundly, they snore.

And not just a little…

They make a hell of a racket!

Suffice to say that it is not very relaxing!

Some dogs may also be restless while sleeping.

Again, it’s not ideal for getting a good night’s restful sleep.

But in this case know that it is more comfortable to let the dog sleep in the room and not in the bed.

Your turn…

And you, do you usually sleep with your dog? Tell us in the comments how it goes for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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