« Actually the Greatest Laminate Ground Cleaner. »


Not only is it not cheap but in addition, they are full of chemicals.

Not great for children and animals that live with you under the same roof, or rather on the same floor…

Fortunately, here is the best laminate floor cleaner recipe. It is 100% natural and very economical.

And don’t worry, this super effective recipe is easy to make ! Look :


– Hot water

– White vinegar

dishwashing liquid

spray bottle

How to do

1. In the spray bottle, put three volumes of hot water.

2. Add a volume of white vinegar.

3. Add a drop of dish soap.


There you go, your laminate floor cleaner is already ready 🙂

Easy, fast and effective, right?

No more unnecessary expenses to buy commercial cleaners !

This formula is great because it leaves no streaks, even on laminate floors that have a varnished or lacquered finish.

You will find a shiny floor like the first day!

And as it is natural, no worries for your children and animals who spend their time on the ground.


Now that your laminate floor cleaner is ready, it’s time to see it in action.

To do this, spray your homemade cleaner directly on the cloth of a microfiber mop like this one.

Be careful not to wet the cloth too much. You just need to moisten it because laminate floors can warp if too much water is used.

All you have to do is sweep the floor of your house.

Remember to clean the microfiber cloth as soon as it starts to get dirty and put some homemade cleaner on it.

Your turn…

Have you tested this homemade cleaner recipe for maintaining laminate floors? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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