Select an emblem and instantly discover out what others consider you


Personality test: Choose a symbol and immediately find out what others think of you

05.07.2023 11:48

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There is no single personality test, there are several. And although they are different, most have a common goal: to bring out character traits or preferences that determine each person’s personality. That said, choose a symbol in the image and discover the most striking traits of your personality.


Personality tests can be both fun and challenging. Even if they don’t have scientific proof, they can be useful in discovering a facet of your personality. This could help you get to know yourself better and analyze certain relationships you have with others.

Which symbol attracts you the most in this image?

With this test, you will be able to learn more about the characteristic traits of your personality. Just look carefully at the image and select the symbol that attracts you first. Now that you have made your choice, read the following explanations.

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Symbol #1 – The Key

The key is by definition a precious object. This is used in particular to protect or secure what is most dear to you, such as your house, your car, your safe or a drawer in your wardrobe. It is therefore an important part of your personality. If you chose this symbol, it indicates that you are a withdrawn person who does not easily open up to others. This makes it difficult to gain your trust and make you feel comfortable. You can sometimes appear “snobbish” or even unpleasant in society. You need to spend time alone and be in harmony with yourself. So you always prefer to keep your energy and your feelings in a precious and out of reach corner.

Symbol n°2 – Tickets

If you have cast your eye over the tickets, it means that you are a person who likes to try new things. You’re more of the type to go out and meet friends whenever you feel the need. According to you, all times are good for experiencing new and exciting adventures. Your close entourage already knows it. They are impatiently awaiting your call or your invitation to an upcoming outing or vacation with friends. One thing is for sure, people who know you love your enthusiasm and good energy and also enjoy your company. In their eyes, your company is a privileged moment, full of surprises and pleasures!

Symbol n°3 – The diamond

If you chose the diamond, it reveals a strong and determined character trait. You have strong principles and nothing can stop you. The diamond also represents ambition and achievement. And given all the qualities you have, you can make great strides. However, this little gem can also make enemies in your immediate surroundings. Some might indeed envy the results you achieve in your personal or professional life. You are also the type to put your goals first, which may displease some people. Only close friends know your true personality, your fears, your sacrifices and your difficult experiences.

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Symbol n°4- The book

Finally, the book highlights a creative and artistic personality. You have a lot of imagination and you don’t fail to show it to others. Great ideas cross your mind every day. So you like to share them with others and arouse their interest. So, if you chose the book, it indicates that it is difficult to stop halfway through. All the actions you take have a meaning, a beginning and an end. On a daily basis, you always have something new to achieve and do. Others might see you as “unreliable” or “negligent”. You may be the person who always comes late to appointments or misses them. You can also come across as ‘elusive’. However, when there is an emergency, you are always there for your loved ones.

As you will have understood, the personality test is a simple and fun tool that can reveal information that we do not know about our own centers of interest, our character traits, our habits and our personality. Through the results obtained, it is easier to deepen one’s self-knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

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