Clogged ear ? 6 Fast Ideas To Unclog It WITHOUT Threat.


When someone talks to you, do you have the impression that you hear less well than usual?

You even have a very unpleasant impression of deafness for a few days?

It’s probably your ear that’s blocked.

Do not panic if this is the case and no need to go see an ENT immediately.

There are natural and effective grandma’s tricks to get rid of this discomfort.

I who am often annoyed by this problem, I can tell you that it heals me in no time.

Discover So 6 tips to unclog a clogged ear without pain.

Why do we have a blocked ear?

Just before giving you tips on how to unclog an ear, it is important to explain one thing.

Be aware that there are 2 areas where the ear can become blocked.

Outer ear side (this is the visible part of the ear, i.e. the pinna).

And on the side of the middle or inner ear (behind the eardrum and what is called the Eustachian tube).

The causes of a clogged ear in the outer part are as follows:

– A wax plug has formed in the external auditory canal.

– A foreign body has slipped into the ear canal.

– You have otitis externa or another pathology with blocked ears as a symptom.

– You have water stagnating in the outer ear (after swimming for example)

The causes of a clogged ear in the part of the middle ear are as follows:

– Allergic rhinitis or nasopharyngeal infection.

These are infections that inflame and swell the nasal mucous membranes, which suddenly clogs the Eustachian tube.

– Otitis media (infection located on the eardrum and quite painful).

– A change in pressure exerted in the middle ear due to altitude or during diving (barotrauma).

So remember that there are 2 areas where the ear can become clogged.

The solutions for unclogging them are different if the cause comes from one or other of these areas.


1. With water

The simplest and most natural means are often the most effective.

And what could be simpler and more natural than using water!

To apply this method, you will need an ear pear.

It’s easy to get here for not too much.

Put warm water in the pear and run it into the clogged ear.

Stay leaning to the side for 5 minutes for the trick to take effect.

You’re going to tell me, water doesn’t dissolve fatty substances, let alone earwax?

Yes, it’s true ; except that there I spoke to you about lukewarm water.

And that makes all the difference.

Warm water helps dissolve earwax and free the external auditory canal.

After the 5 min, get back to normal and wipe off the residue that drips from the ear.

Small precision all the same.

This trick works in case of a light blockage, not in case of a large earwax blockage.

2. With vegetable oil

If you feel that your ear is clogged because of a large plug of earwax, we go into high gear.

This time, it is necessary to appeal to a fat body.

And what better than to use a vegetable oil for this.

On the other hand, by any.

I advise you sweet almond oilavailable in all shops, or xylene oil, available in pharmacies.

That said, it also works with olive oil.

As with water, the oil is warmed a little before use.

To do this, simply place the bottle in the palm of your hands for a few moments.

The next steps are not difficult.

Tilt your head and run 5 drops of the oil into the external auditory canal.

You can use a dropper or an ear plug for this.

Stay 5 min lying on the side so that the oil takes effect in the ear.

Put a clean handkerchief to your ear before getting up.

This grandmother trick can be done morning and evening for 3 days.

If, after this time, the plug is still present, go see your doctor.

Either way, having soaked the oil in the ear makes it easier for him.

The cork being well softened.

3. With steam

You probably don’t know it, but the steam acts very directly in the event of a clogged ear.

To obtain this steam, there is no need to go to a hammam or use your steam generator near the ear.

Just go take a hot shower between 10 and 15 min.

The steam generated in the shower helps loosen mucus.

If you didn’t know, mucus is a gelatinous liquid produced by the body’s mucous membranes.

They are found everywhere in the head and especially in the ears.

Another simple option is to boil water.

Once boiled, place yourself over the container with a towel and breathe in the inhaled steam.

In the same vein, a compress or a warm, damp cloth also does the trick.

Pour the hot water over the linen, wring it out and place it on the ear.


4. Through the nose

If I ask you what is the common point between a walk at altitude, an airplane and diving?

You tell me ? The pressure change of course!

The problem is that this change in pressure disrupts the middle ear.

This area, which is located behind the eardrum, is only accessible through the internal auditory canal.

In other words, no way to unclog this channel externally.

You have to go through what is called « the eustachian tube ».

And this trunk, you can only play on it through your nose!

For this, there are 2 techniques called Vasalva and Toynbee maneuvers.

I am sure that you have already practiced one or the other of these solutions.

The Vasalva maneuver is practiced exclusively during a descent (plane landing, descent from a summit, etc.).

Be careful, this technique must be done very gently and in moderation.

Otherwise, your eardrums may clink glasses.

Take a deep breath and then close your mouth while blocking your nose.

Let your fingers block the nostrils and blow through your nose.

It increases the pressure.

After a while, you feel that the eustachian tubes open, feeling a little click.

Toynbee’s maneuver is a bit different.

It is practiced when the pressure decreases (during the ascent of the plane, when gaining altitude, ascent from a dive).

Same as for the other technique, to practice with moderation and gently.

Close your nostrils and try to inhale through your nose.

By doing this, you create a kind of depression that opens the Eustachian tubes.

5. With a seawater nasal spray

Another trick that allows you to unclog your ear through your nose.

But this time it’s using a hypertonic seawater nasal spray.

What is hidden behind the « hypertonic »?

Well, it’s the fact of having a high concentration of salt in the solution, much higher than that of our tissues.

This has a drastic effect on the nasal septum, but also on the eustachian tube.

It is no longer obstructed and even completely freed.

For it to work, spray this solution 3 times a day.

This grandmother’s trick works especially in case of allergic rhinitis.

6. With essential oils

To unclog the Eustachian tube, you can also useeucalyptus radiata essential oil.

It is very effective when you have a nasopharyngeal infection (cold, bronchitis) that blocks the fallopian tube.

Equip yourself with an inhaler and pour almost boiled water into it.

If you don’t have any, just pour the boiled water into a bowl.

Add 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.

Breathe the mixture directly into the inhaler mask.

Otherwise, put a towel over your head and stand above the bowl (10 cm maximum).

Do this 3 times a day, morning noon and evening.

Warning ; once the inhalation is finished, wait 30 minutes before going outside, especially if it is cold.

Because hot/cold contrasts can accentuate the infection even more.

This grandmother’s recipe is also not suitable for children, pregnant women or people with asthma.

Finally, apply the method for a maximum of 5 days; no more.

Actions to avoid when you have a blocked ear

So I know it might sound tempting, but do not use a Q-Tip to unclog the ear.

Especially if the ear is clogged due to earwax.

Inserting a cotton swab pushes the plug even further into the ear canal!

We also do not introduce other objects such as tweezers, toothpicks, matches…

Firstly because it is ineffective, but in addition it can cause lesions which worsen the situation.

Just use the natural treatments that we have just seen together.

How to prevent having clogged ears?

The answer to this question is very simple.

One watchword: you have to have regular hygiene.

In other words, clean your ears often.

This prevents earwax from settling and creating the famous plugs.

On the other hand, impeccable hygiene does not prevent inflammation and infection.

If the stuffy ear feeling lasts or if the symptoms get worse (fever, pain, tinnitus) after several days…

…it’s definitely due to an infection.

In this case, go to your doctor’s office to confirm the diagnosis.

Hearing aid infections are not to be taken lightly.

They can quickly get worse and cause irreversible hearing loss!


There you go, you now know how to naturally unclog a clogged ear 🙂

Simple, fast and efficient, right?

Whether it’s the right or left ear, no more clogged ears repeatedly for weeks.

These grandma tricks are certified painless, without the need to take medication.

Your turn…

Have you tried our tips for unclogging your ears without hurting yourself? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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