Widespread Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


2. Painful burning sensations

As the condition worsens, the numbness may be overcome by what other patients describe as shooting or burning pains and cramps in the forearm, wrist, hand and/or fingers. This pain can come on suddenly and throw your hand, wrist, and/or forearm.

3. Hand cramps

Hand cramps, which can affect the palm, fingers, wrist and even up the forearm, are both irritating and extremely painful. The best way to restore normal sensation is to shake and massage the fingers, palm and/or wrist to relieve cramping.

4. Muscle weakness

As carpal tunnel syndrome progresses and the inflammation gets worse, you may find that your grip strength is affected, which means you may not be able to grasp objects with force, or you can lose your grip on objects and accidentally drop them from your hand.

5. Disturbed sleep

Carpal tunnel syndrome is exacerbated during sleep. In fact, it’s the position you sleep in (that is, especially if you flex your wrists while sleeping). This lying position also promotes fluid buildup in the wrists and hands that does not drain when lying flat, which also promotes cramping and numbness.

6. Muscle wasting

Another damaging side effect of carpal tunnel syndrome in its later stages is muscle wasting (or atrophy). You will first notice this muscle wasting in the affected hand, particularly in the muscles below the thumb where it attaches to the palm, medically known as the thenar eminence.

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