Frequent coaching accidents and the way to keep away from them


They say « no pain, no gain », but if you literally hurt yourself while you workout then you are probably doing it wrong or pushing yourself a little too hard. While training is a great way to deal with stress and boost your metabolism, hurting yourself won’t help your routine at all.

Even those who exercise regularly are still prone to injury, so even seasoned athletes take precautions. Here are seven of the most common workout injuries and how you can work around them …


This is when the tendons connecting bone to muscle become irritated, causing inflammation and pain. This can happen relatively slowly over time, or it can be the result of a more serious incident, according to WebMD.

Sports activities commonly associated with tendonitis include tennis, golf, skiing and baseball (throwing), the site adds. The best way to avoid this problem is to stretch properly before exercising and make sure you have good strength in the muscles surrounding the tendon, he says. However, there are a number of causes of tendonitis unrelated to exercise, including poor posture, arthritis, and sometimes even infection, explains WebMD.

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