Reducing your hair on a full moon evening: fantasy or actuality?


Beauty is an area where urban legends are legion. The myth of cutting hair according to the phases of the moon to influence growth is, however, perhaps one of the most popular beliefs. It must be said that the full moon is the origin of many fantasies and is surrounded by a very rich folklore. In terms of hair, choosing the right lunar phases would, for example, make it possible to have healthier, stronger hair that grows faster. Also, many hairdressers report their clients’ craze for a moon cut. Some even go so far as to organize special evenings with cups under the stars! But can we trust this ancestral belief? Find out if it is useful to cut your hair according to the Moon.

The myth: cutting your hair according to the moon would have many benefits

The fact of cutting the hair during the waxing phase of the Moon would according to the belief an influence on the regrowth of the lengths. Astrology enthusiasts indeed claim that this is a phase when the body regenerates and is in full health. And as Clément Gros, son of Michel Gros, author of the famous Lunar Calendar, reminds us: “ The moon has a influence on all that is alive : tides, the earth’s crust, animals, plants, and of course humans « . According to him, the vitality of plants increases for example in the waxing moon: the plants thus have more sap, and therefore vitality.  » Flowers cut at this time will last longer, while they will wilt faster in a waning moon. », He continues.

During this phase, the hair would grow better and would be strengthened, thicker, but also more shiny. In addition, the coloring would hold better in addition to being more pigmented. Finally, the nails would grow better during this period.

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Conversely, cutting your hair during a descending phase, calmer, allows a grows slower. This would therefore be the ideal period for people who want to keep a short haircut. We even hear that it is the best time to wax and avoid too rapid regrowth of the hair.

Back to reality: what science says!

Science has never demonstrated the veracity of these assertions. Indeed, the reasoning has some flaws. Already, the hair is dead matter, without sap or fluids. They are therefore in no way comparable with plants. So, these gardening tips don’t apply to your mane.

Hairdressers generally agree that there is no best time to cut hair. We generally recommend cutting a few centimeters every three months or so to remove split ends and thinned lengths. On his website, Jean-Louis David also believes that it is always wise to cut his hair before his summer vacation. This allows you to remove the already damaged tips that could suffer from sea water, sand and sun.

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In good health, a hair for from 0.5 to 2 cm per month. And while there is nothing the Moon can do to change that, our good habits can prove to be effective. So, come back to the good old methods: a diet rich in vitamins A and B, and zinc, but also care adapted to your hair type. With a good hair routine, gentle gestures and possibly food supplements if your doctor considers it necessary, your hair will grow very quickly… Moon or not!

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